Steps on how to do a meditation exercise

Meditation exercise

In 2022 we have the hardest times in the world. People are stressed, the cost of living sky rocketed, drought and people don’t know what to do. Can people try meditation exercise, let’s start.

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What is meditation?

Is simply being mindful of your thoughts and how they affect the whole body and emotions. It is controlling where your thoughts are running to. Training awareness so that we can remain focused. We
can’t control what is happening around us but we can control our actions. Our actions are controlled by
our emotions which are in turn directed by our thoughts.

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Types of meditation

We have very many types of meditation. We have religious/ spiritual type of meditation, movement
type of meditation, mantra type of meditation, mindfulness taught by Buddhist, focused meditation,
visualization type of meditation, and many more.

Here is a mindfulness type of meditation exercise.

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How do you do meditation exercise?

We start by looking at the steps in meditation and later the benefits that we will reap from the practice.

Step 1

The first step is setting time aside each day to meditate. You can start with 10 minutes after lunch and
10minutes before going to bed.

Sit down in a quiet room or place away from disturbance. Ensure you are comfortable but not asleep. You can sit down on a chair or on the floor.

Step 2

Step two is to focus on an activity that happens within your body. You can focus on your breathing in
and out and only think of the breath and nothing else, or sensation of the skin, from head to this
case feel the skin, the ears, down the neck, the body down to the toe.

Step 3

Step three is to take note of every sensation or pain in the body and don’t react towards anything you

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What are the benefits?

There are scientific proofs that meditation will reduce stress. Meditation will reduce anxiety; meditation
will reduce negative thoughts and hence improve emotional health. Meditation will also create self-
awareness and focus on the right thoughts and length attention ability. It has also been found people
who do meditation will improve on memory loss.

Above all meditation will improve sleep.

Who should do meditate exercise?

People who have stressful life should consider incorporating meditation as a lifestyle. People with high
blood pressure
should consider meditating two times a day as a healthy way to calm down. People with
anxiety disorders are advised to do meditation. In short everybody should meditate.