Alzhemier’s disease, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment


What is Alzhemier’s disease

Alzhemier’s disease is said to be a condition in the human brain that declines the progress of the memory and skills like the organizing skills, learning skills and the ability to think and it’s said to be the main cause of dementia.

Symptoms of Alzhemier’s disease

Due to research, it’s said that the symptoms are likely to get worse as time goes by and it may take a very long time like a decade before the symptoms are out and mostly is seen on elder people above 65 years of age. The symptoms include;

  • Behavior and personality as they are not able to recognize their decline in mental health.
  • Reasoning and handling of complex tasks
  • Having difficulty in solving their problems
  • Unusual displacement of items
  • Difficulty in choosing the words to express themselves.
  • Taking longer than usual to complete daily task.

Moderate stage symptoms

The next stage of Alzhemier’disease is the moderated stage where the symptoms in mild stage worsen and others starts and this time, they do need assistance and care and symptoms include;

  • Short term and poor memory
  • Forgetting their last events
  • Confusion like on the days of the week, seasons and the exact place one is
  • Getting difficult to identify important people like the family and friends.
  • Personality changes like they might get show depressed, anxiousness.
  • Sometimes they need help with some self-care activities like using the bathroom and grooming.

Severe stage symptoms

The third stage is the server stage where the person needs more care and attention as the symptoms worsen in this stage and they include;

  • Being unable to tell about their surrounding.
  • Needs help with all the daily activities like walking, Sitting, eating and selfcare activities.
  • Having an almost total memory loss
  • Inability to communicate having few words or limited speech
  • Immunity weakens.

Causes of Alzhemier’s disease

Alzhemier’s disease is caused by the abnormal protein buildup in the brain. The buildup are classified into two amloid protein and tau protein.

Brain contains over 100 billion nerve cells and others which work jointly to carry out the proper communication required for the proper performance of the brain like memory, planning, thinking among others.

Therefore, protein builds up in the brain cells and the buildup forms masses of plaque and the twisted fibre of tau which forms tanles. The masses of plaque and tangle are the ones that blocks the relationship if communication between nerve cells and this prevents the nerve cell of the brain to function well.

This leads to slow dying of nerve cells leads to slow malfunctioning of the human brain and mostly starts with the vital part which is the hippocampus which is the control memory part before spreading to the rest of the brain parts. The protein build up is said to be probably caused by gene mutation.

Alzhemier disease Risk Factors

  • Having first degree relative with Alzhemier’s disease increases the risk by about 10% to 30% whereby having two or more siblings with Alzhemier are at high risk
  • Those who have Down syndrome are at risk and at a younger age
  • Those who have E(APOE) a form of apolipoprotein E gene also increase the risk which is associated with early onset of the disease.
  • Those at the age of 65 and above are the ones at risk than younger people when it comes to age factor.

Alzhemier disease cure

The research says that there is no cure or treatment of Alzhemier disease but there are only medications that can slowdown the damage to the brain functioning or worsening to dementia which help to reduce behavioral worsening. The medications include

  • The Aticonvulsants that can treat aggression
  • Antipsychotics or neuroleptics which can treat agita, paranoia and hallucinations.
  • Antidepressants that can treat depression, restlessness, anxiety and aggression
  • Anti-anxiety drugs which can treat agitation