Five morning routines that can keep you healthy

Healthy morning routine
Taking two glasses of warm water in the morning is healthy

A morning routine may seem just an ordinary activity. However, this is not the case. Morning routines determine your health and productivity.

Being healthy is the overall well-being or feeling at your best both physically and mentally. When healthy, you experience vitality, you feel strong, fit and even confident. This happens through a combination of different factors. Being healthy can also mean being free of disease and mental stress.

Mental health is one of the most neglected areas yet vital in today’s lives. Stress is one of the reasons that make people eat unhealthy thus leading to other health-related lifestyle diseases.

When do we consider someone a healthy person?

If a person’s bodily functions are working at their best, for example, they can breathe well, the stomach is not aching, the headaches are gone and their limbs are moving. If all their organs are working well and they are not stressed then we are likely to conclude that they are healthy.

Five Morning routine practices that will maintain your well being

1. Benediction

This is basically a prayer or an utterance to God or Allah to request good tidings throughout the day. It has been proven that people who pray during the morning are likely to be at peace throughout the day as they believe that there is a superior being that carries their burdens hence an improvement for their mental health.

Benediction can also mean studying. Making reading a priority each day will train up your mind, will improve on your retainabilty and will also educate you on a lot of topics. You should be diverse and read more topics from finance, health, psychology and even literature. A reading mind is an asset we all ought to keep.

2. Making your bed when you wake up

Making your bed in the morning also is likely to improve your well-being and encourage your organizational skills thus can improve your day in general. Leaving your bedspread with clean linens will improve your mood and your state of mind.

3. Morning workouts

Research has shown that working out in the morning, a few stretches here and there, a few sit-ups and even leg raises encourages the distribution of blood to the brain and will keep you alert and active throughout the day hence one of the morning routines you ought to embrace.

4. Cold showers

Also, always take a cold shower in the morning. After you have read, spread the bed and have worked out, it is encouraged to have a cold shower. It improves your skin vitality, general hydration of the skin and also ensures cooling down of the body.

Research has shown that cold showers have the ability to lower the stress hormone that is cortisol, and increase the alert hormones such as norepinephrine and dopamine hence better productivity throughout
the day.

5. Take a glass of water

As an old adage goes “water is life.” This is true. By taking two glasses of water every morning you help the body release toxins and keep the brain alert.

Embrace the above morning routine with the consistency and insatiability of a crocodile and it will change your life for the best.