How to overcome depression and loss of hope without medication

Depression and anxiety
An encouraging message for depressed people

Depression is a mental illness that affects more than 1.9 million people in Kenya. Men are more
depressed than women in Kenya and end up committing suicide.

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What is depression?

This is a feeling where people feel sad and have no interest in anything. The feelings of depressed people affect how people think and consequently how people behave or act. The good book tells us that a human being is made up of body, soul and spirit. The spirit directs the soul and the soul directs the body.

Many people don’t differentiate between the three. The spirit is the morale that makes you want to do something, the joy people feel in their hearts, the vigor the people have, or the energy. People who are depressed don’t have the energy or feel weighed down, overwhelmed, hopeless, unwanted and their spirit is low below any energy level.

Some people call this spirit, energy and they say you can have low energy or high energy. The soul means the mind. What thoughts run through our minds? Therefore, the soul also means how we feel. The feeling of happiness, the feeling of sadness, the feeling of excitement and the feeling of hopelessness etc. Additionally, people who are depressed have low energy and so are extremely sad.

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How to overcome depression and anxiety?

If you realize you are depressed remember that you are sick like any other ailments. If you have a fever you go to the hospital.

What people should do is seek help in the hospital. Walk to any dispensary and speak. Men don’t like talking and most people who have depression don’t talk.

The people around them should help them. Let us be our brother’s keeper. Always talk to your sister or brothers. Most people don’t care how their kin are faring on.

Another way to overcome depression is people should avoid staying alone. People should intermingle with others. Get involved in social activities like sports, walks or church activities. The reason why most women are in church is that church activities make them less depressed, unlike men.

The other way is to pray or meditate. For those who are Muslims or Christians prayers can bring about healing. Men are more depressed than women in Kenya and end up committing suicide. Once the spirit is wounded it affects the soul. Prayers can reverse this evil in peoples live. If you are not Christian try yoga and meditation. This activity relaxes the brain and heals the soul.

The other way is to find a solution to your problems that is causing depression. If you don’t have a job
then find a job. Sitting at home depressed won’t bring a job. Jobs are there if you look for them without being too choosy. Don’t look for a job according to your qualification. The reason why women go to gulf countries to become housemaids is that they are seeking a solution to their joblessness. It’s better to die trying than sit at home and be depressed. Travel the world if there are no jobs available in Kenya.