Five best Small business ideas to start with KSh 1,000

Small business idea
A picture showing how you can grow a small business idea

You may not have lots of capital but here are some small business ideas that you can start with little capital in Kenya.

In Kenya, the jobs are limited and the high rate of unemployment is high. People don’t have money
to even start a business. In Kenya today 1,000 shillings it’s not even enough for a week’s shopping.

So if you find yourself jobless but with 1,000 shillings before spending the money to the last coin, consider starting a business. But which business can one do with 1,000 shillings?

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5 Small business ideas you can do with 1000 shillings to earn 1000 Kenya shillings.

1. Selling bread

Today one loaf of bread is 60 Kenya shillings in the nearby shop. If you need any form of bread like bread buns or doughnuts you will part with not less than 60 Kenya shillings.

Do you know we have bakers that sell bread at KSh 43 in Nairobi? Therefore with KSh 430, you can get a crate and you are good to go. Supply the bread to your nearby shops at 55 Kenya shillings. If you don’t like walking like me establish a place and sell by the roadside at 60 Kenya shillings.

With 2 crates you need 860 Kenya shillings. After selling a crate of 10 loaves of bread will fetch 600 Kenya shillings making a profit of KSh 170. If you can sell 5 crates you will make 850 Kenya shillings a day. I find you, young men, with motorbikes carrying even 12 crates.

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2. Selling boiled maize as a small business idea

Do you know that green maize is one of the most loved delicacies on the street of Nairobi? If you are stuck in life you can boil maize by the roadside. All that you need is a traditional jiko and firewood, A big sufuria (pot) and water.

Maize in Marigiti or Githurai market costs KSh10 per corn if you buy maize worth 500 Kenya Shillings and boil them you will sell at 30 Kenya shillings per corn. By the end of the day, you will sell at KSh 1500 making a profit of not less than 1000 Kenya shillings.

The same goes for those who love roasting maize.

3. Selling mutura/ traditional sausages

If you walk in the street of Nairobi you will find men selling this delicacy. All you need is a big sufuria,
Jiko, firewood and the meat. You need to visit Kiamaiko slaughterhouse or any other slaughterhouse
and get the intestines and other meat staffing from there. You must be clean to undertake this business.
The meat will cost you like KSh 700 at most.

4. Selling watermelon

With the scorching sun, watermelon is a refreshing fruit. A kilogram of watermelon will retail at KSh 30-50 in the local market. All you need is a chopping board, wrapping papers, and a knife. You need a wheelbarrow or a table. If you buy one melon at KSh 150 then you chop it to get 12 pieces and you
sell each piece at KSh 20 per melon you will fetch KSh 240 making KSh 90 per fruit. If you
sell 10 fruits in a day, then you will have a whopping 900 shillings.

5. Selling ripe bananas

Ripe bananas are very profitable to sell. A piece of ripe banana cost KSh 5 inside the market. You can
sell each banana at KSh 10. Find a place where people pass by and sell your bananas.

Alternatively, learn the art of ripening bananas. A whole batch of bananas can cost you 200 Kenya shillings depending on the size and the profit is 3 to 4 folds.

In conclusion, people should wake up, start a small business idea, work, and grow the idea. There are many things one can do to earn a thousand
shilling from a capital of a thousand.