Places that Queen Elizabeth II visited in Kenya.

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth II and Mzee Jomo Kenyatta

The late Queen Elizabeth II had a long-term and special relationship with Kenya. It was during her visit to Kenya that she received the news of the passing on of his father, King George VI.

Although Queen Elizabeth II passed on Thursday, September 8, 2022, her impact on Kenya can not be ignored. Besides her economic and political impacts on Kenya, Elizabeth visited Kenya in 1952.

She died at the age of 96 years and reigned for 70 years and became the longest serving queen. Let us explore her history and visit Kenya.

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A brief history of Queen Elizabeth II and Kenya

Britain colonized Kenya. As such Kenya was a British protectorate. This met that the queen ruled over Kenya. However, her authority in Kenya was delegated to the Governor-General of Kenya, her representative in Kenya.

When Kenya got independence in 1963 Queen Elizabeth II became the first and only queen in Kenya (1963-1964). This was enabled by The Kenya Independence Act 1963 which transformed the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya into an independent sovereign state.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, represented the Queen of Kenya at the independence celebrations. On behalf of the Queen, the Duke opened Kenya’s first Parliament session on December 13, 1963.

Additionally, the governor-general was to advise the first Kenyan Prime minister. Enough of the history. With this history in mind, we shall tell you about places that Queen Elizabeth II visited in Kenya.

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Sagana Lodge

Upon arrival in Kenya, Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip traveled to Sagana lodge where they were handed some wedding gifts from Kenyan State.

Treetops Hotel

In 1952, Princess Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited Kenya and spent their night at Treetops in the heart of Aberdare forest in Nyeri County. The royal couple came to Kenya on an adventure expedition and a formal engagement.

Treetops become a significant location for Princess Elizabeth as it is at this location that she became the heir of the Monarch. This was after her ailing father, King George VI passed on while she was at the Treetops. Interestingly, her father saw her off to Kenya. The King died after a long battle with lung cancer.

Being the King’s older daughter she became the Queen of the monarch at the age of 25 years.

Treetops was a three-bed cabin hanging on tree branches and wildlife overlooking a waterhole and salt lick. It was accessible by using a rickety ladder and built into the branches of an ancient fig tree.

In modern society a treetop cabin would be seen as uncivilization, it was a place that hosted the royal couple. However, after the queen left the Treetop hotel, it was destroyed by Mau Mau freedom fighters.

Today the hotel remains closed.

Return of Queen Elizabeth to Kenya

Although on her first visit she came in as a princess but left as a Queen, the Royal couple came back to Kenya in 1983 for a formal visit. She was a guest of the late President Moi. They found that the Treetop had changed greatly after the initial one was destroyed.

The monument that commemorates Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Kenya

You may not be aware that Mombasa tusks along Moi Avenue were initially built to commemorate the Queen’s 1952 visit. Now you know.