Muthoni Drummer Queen (MDQ): Bio, Age, Popular music, Relationships

Muthoni Drummer Queen
Muthoni Drummer Queen performing her popular hit, Suzie Noma


Muthoni Drummer Queen is a Kenyan Hip pop artist who is passionate about culture, drumming and rapping. Her passion for music started at a tender age. During her childhood, Sundays were spent on dance performances. Muthoni was born in Nairobi. Her real name is Muthoni Ndonga.

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Quick facts about Muthoni Ndunga aka The Drummer Queen

Official Name: Muthoni Ndunga

Place of Birth: Nairobi

Age: Born in 1993

Children: Unknown

Father: Peter Ndunga

Career: Musician and CEO/founder of Blankets and Wines

Networth: Unknown

Muthoni Drummer Queen’s childhood

Muthoni Ndonga is a daughter to Peter Ndonga. She was born and brought up at Dagoretti Corner in Nairobi County. Muthoni has one older sister and one younger brother. The family lived in a one-bedroom house at Dagoretti Corner for 13 years.

Muthoni’s family background resonates with that of many Kenyans. Her parents were not well up and they struggled to put food on the table. However, the parents believed that education was the only thing they could give their children.

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Drummer Queen’s age and birthday

Muthoni was born in 1993 in Nairobi. Her exact birthday is still not public. We shall update this information once we get it.

Muthoni Drummer Queen education

The Queen went through the Kenyan education system (8.4..4). She started her education journey at Lavington Primary and later joined Moi Girls, Nairobi for her secondary education. MDQ has an International Baccalaureate (IB) from St Mary’s.

In 2008, she earned a Diploma in international relations and philosophy from the United States International University Africa (USIU Africa).

Muthoni Drummer Queen Relationships, Children and Husband.

Drummer queen has for long kept her relationships private. However, in an interview with Betty Kyalo she disclosed that she has an older sister and a brother. Her father is deceased.

Expectant Muthoni Drummer Queen and her boyfriend Musa Omusi.

Musa Omusi, a singer and creative art director drums Muthoni Ndunga’s heart matters. The two have since declared to be in a relationship since November 23.

By the time Kenyan topixs was posting this article, the queen was expectant.

MDQ career journey

Despite her parent insisting on Muthoni to go to school and get into formal employment. The drummer queen nurtured her artistic passion. she is a professional Musician.

Muthoni is the CEO and founder of Blankets and Wines. Blankets and Wines is a successful monthly performance that brings artists from all over Africa. The performances are family-friendly that aims to create a platform for creative music to thrive in Nairobi, Kenya.

Additionally, her music industry has exposed her to creative-social entrepreneurship.

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When did Muthoni the Drummer Queen’s passion for music begin?

Muthoni’s passion for music and performance is an obsession. At a young age, Muthoni would stand on a manhole to perform for the trees. She has nurtured her passion to what it is now. The underlying need for her music is creativity.

MDQ started the real journey into music in 2007 when she was an IB student. However, many studios declined to record her sighting that she is “not Kenyan enough.” Not Kenyan enough met that she was introducing a genre of music that other Kenyan artists thought was not popular in Kenya. She however, persisted and recorded her first song in 2008. MDQ also performed in clubs.

Again in 2007, she joined Tusker Project Fame for 3 weeks. The project made her travel internationally in search of raw talents. Upon coming come to Kenya, Blankets and Wine was born to help nurture raw talents in Kenya.

Her music is a reflection of her life in Nairobi. She fuses her music creativity with African drumming, reggae/dancehall, and soul/blues to create a masterpiece musical expression.

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Muthoni the Drummer Queen popular songs/albums


  1. Mambo bado
  2. Human Condition
  3. MDQ
  4. She


  1. Suzie Noma
  2. African Fever
  3. Feelin’ It
  4. Nai Ni ya Who
  5. Think About You
  6. No More
  7. Kenyan Message
  8. Get Up
  9. Million Voice
  10. Automatic

Drummer Queens Awards

  • 2010-MTV MAMA Best New Artist East Africa
  • 2014-Best Song, Urban, M4Music demo tape clinic
  • Recently won the Swizz Music award 

MDQ Net worth

Although Muthoni is more than 10 years of seasoned professional musician and a YouTuber, she has maintained her net worth private. We shall update this information as soon as it is available.

Although she was seen to be “not Kenyan enough”, Muthoni the Drummer Queen brings a series of fresh concepts to the Kenyan music industry and also in East Africa. She is doing her background check on how to fuse musical instruments from various ethnic groups in Kenya such as Luo, Luhya and others.

Muthoni Ndunga’s music and poetic works inspire the young generation in Kenya and beyond.

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