Chris James Christie Bio, Age, Wife, Daugther, Education, Career, Net worth

Christopher James Christie
Christopher James Christie

Biography of Christopher James Christie

Chris James Christie is an American lawyer, politician and Author who served New Jersey District as their 55th governor. His official name is Christopher James Christie.

Chris Christie Age

Christie was born on 6th September 1962 in Newark, New Jersey in the United States, he is 61 years old. He celebrates his birthday on 6th September every year.

Chris Christie family

His parents are Wilbur James Christie (father) and Sondra A. Christie (mother). He also has a brother named Todd J. Christie but the identities of his sisters are unknown.

Chris Christie Wife

Christie is married to Mary Pat Christie and together they have four children namely Bridget Christie, Andrew Christe, Patric Christie and Sarah Christie.

 Chris Christie Education

Christie attended Lavington High School for secondary education and then proceeded to Delaware University to pursue Bachelor of Arts degree in political science. He the furthered his studies to do Juris Doctor Degree in law at the University of Seton Hall school of law.

Chris Christie Career

When Chritie was done with his studies he started his career by serving as a law clerk for United States District Court in New Jersey under Judge Herbert Stern. This is where he gathered experience in his career field. He then joined the Dughi, Hewit and Palatucci law firm where he specialized in corporate law.

In 1993 Christie was appointed by George H.W. Bush to be the New Jersey District and this when his career started growing. His good work in handling white collar crime and political corruption and public corruption gave him exposure and fame. During his administration that went up to 2008 he brought down a number of high profile cases.


In 2009 he decided to leave the Office of Attorney to join the political world. First as a Republican he vied for the position of the New Jersey Governor with his manifesto he won the election and started serving the people of New Jersey in January 2010. During his tenure as a governor he went through a number of challenges where he also came up with a number of policies for example he gave priority to a number of reforms like the education reform, initiatives to stimulate economic growth in the states and pension and benefits reforms.

His efforts to stimulate economic and his form of communication he won the national attention and during the 2013 elections he was again reelected as the New Jersey Governor. A year later he started facing challenges like the emergence of the second called Bridgegate a form of political retribution against the local mayor which was about the closure of Bridge of George Washington. This affected his reputation and future political career, but he denied the accusations.

In 2018 he was done with his second term in his political position and changed to other roles like provision of analysis on television network, political commentator. During the presidential campaign in 2016 he became President Donald Trump’s advisor where he chairs his Transition team. He has also been seen engaging in public speaking and consulting work. He has also offered political strategies and perspectives on political matters within the Republican Party.

Chris Christie net worth

His net worth is estimated to be at around $16 million.