Charles Hinga Mwaura Biography, Age, Wife, Family, Education, Career, Net worth.

Charles Hinga Mwaura
Charles Hinga Mwaura addressing house levy issue in Kenya

Biography of Charles Hinga Mwaura

Charles Hinga Mwaura is the Principal Secretary of the State development for Housing and Urban Development. He is a much distinguished and a dedicated public servant who has made elegant contributions to the development and improvement of the housing and urban development sector in the country. Hinga has done a vital duty of shaping policies and implementing initiatives that addresses the housing needs of Kenyans.

Charles Hinga age

Hinga Mwaura is 48 years old. He was born in 1976 on February 7th, in Kenya.

In his early age, Charles had a liking to public service as well as unwavering commitment to improving Kenyans lives.

Charles Hinga family

Information about Charles’s family is still under review. However, much of this information will be given once it is publicly established.

Charles Hinga Educational Background

Hinga enrolled at the University of Nairobi where he pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. His strong educational foundation equipped him with the necessary skills to navigate the complexities of the housing and urban development sector.

Charles Hinga career

Hinga Commenced his career journey as a public servant at the Ministry of Roads. He served as Deputy Director of the Regional Development Implementation Coordination (RDIC) program. His expertise and dedication to public serving earned him great reputation, a capable and results oriented civil servant.

Charles then got transitioned to the housing and urban development sector in the year 2013. He was appointed as the Deputy Director of the Kenya Slum Upgrading Program (KENSUP). As the Deputy Director, Charles Mwaura was in the front line to improving the living conditions for Kenyans in informal settlements and slums through intervening to the government to spearhead its plan and efforts.

During his mandate, the Kenya Slum Upgrading Program (KENSUP) improved in terms of slum upgrading, infrastructure development and was able to provide essential services to marginalized communities.

In the year 2018, he was appointed the Principal Secretary of the State Department for Housing and Urban Development due to his great understanding for the housing sector. In this position, Hinga played a crucial role of formulating and implementing policies that are aimed at addressing Kenya’s housing deficit, promoting affordable housing solutions and enhancing urban planning and development.

During his reign as the Principal Secretary, Hinga has witnessed the launch of the Big Four Agenda which is a government initiative aimed at providing affordable housing, universal health care, manufacturing and food security. As a leader that he is, Hinga Mwaura has chipped in and assisted in driving the housing component of the Big Four Agenda thus resulting to thousands of affordable houses all over the country.

Charles Hinga net worth

Charles Hinga Mwaura’s net worth has not been revealed to the public. However, as a Principal Secretary, his salary is in line with the government’s remuneration scale for senior civil servants.