Mutahi Kagwe Bio, Age, Education, Wife, Net Worth

Mutahi Kagwe
Mutahi Kagwe addressing journalist in an event

Mutahi Kagwe is a prominent Kenyan politician and public servant known for his exceptional leadership skills and contributions to the development of his country. With a strong commitment to public service and a track record of implementing transformative policies, Kagwe has left an indelible mark on the political landscape of Kenya.  He is the former cabinet secretary for Health in the Republic of Kenya. He assumed office on 28 February 2020.

Mutahi Kagwe Age

Born on January 29, 1958, in Nyeri County, Kenya, Mutahi is old. He celebrates his birthday on January 29 every year.

Mutahi Kagwe Education background

He pursued his education at the prestigious St. Mary’s School in Nairobi before obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Nairobi. Kagwe’s academic foundation equipped him with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the field of public administration.

Mutahi Kagwe Wife

Hon. Mutahi Kagwe married Anne Wanjiku Mutahi, a soft-spoken financial expert.


Together, they are blessed with four kids namely; Kagwe, Njoroge, Nyawira, and Kahumburu. 

Mutahi Kagwe Career

Kagwe’s journey in public service began when he joined the National Youth Service as a cadet officer. This experience shaped his understanding of the importance of discipline and instilled in him a sense of duty towards his country. He later ventured into the private sector, gaining valuable insights into entrepreneurship and business management.

In 1997, Mutahi Kagwe’s political career took off when he was elected as a Member of Parliament for the Mukurweini constituency. During his tenure, he focused on advocating for grassroots development, championing policies to uplift the lives of his constituents. His dedication and effectiveness led to his appointment as the Minister for Information and Communication, where he spearheaded initiatives to bridge the digital divide and enhance connectivity across the country.

Appointment as Cabinet Secretary of Health

One of Kagwe’s defining moments came during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. Kenyans quickly recognized his exceptional leadership as he was appointed as the Cabinet Secretary for Health. In this role, Kagwe swiftly implemented measures to combat the spread of the virus, including widespread testing, public awareness campaigns, and the establishment of quarantine and isolation facilities. His calm demeanor, transparency, and clear communication earned him widespread praise and trust from the Kenyan population.

Under Kagwe’s stewardship, Kenya’s response to the pandemic was lauded internationally, and he became a role model for other countries grappling with the crisis. His commitment to safeguarding public health and mitigating the impact of the pandemic on the economy earned him accolades and recognition from various organizations and world leaders.

Beyond his response to the pandemic, Kagwe has also prioritized healthcare reforms in Kenya. He has advocated for increased investment in the healthcare system, improved access to quality healthcare services, and the implementation of innovative healthcare policies. Kagwe understands that a robust and accessible healthcare system is crucial for the well-being and development of the nation.

Mutahi Kagwe’s leadership extends beyond his political career. He has actively engaged in community development initiatives, working closely with non-profit organizations and grassroots movements. He is a strong advocate for youth empowerment, gender equality, and poverty alleviation, constantly striving to create a more equitable and inclusive society.


In recognition of his remarkable contributions to public service, Mutahi Kagwe has received numerous awards and honors both domestically and internationally. His ability to inspire and lead has earned him respect from his peers and citizens alike.

Mutahi Kagwe Net worth

Mutahi Kagwe’s net worth is valued at Ksh667.8 million.