Why do you need car insurance in Kenya?

Why do you need car insurance in Kenya
A fire accident at Limuru, Kenya.

Buying a car is one thing, insuring the car is another thing. Then why do you need to insure your car in Kenya? Well, you understand you need vehicle insurance before leaving your parking garage. However, this is not the only instance that you need car insurance in Kenya. Below are reasons why you need insurance even when not on the road.

Legal Requirement.

It is a legal requirement to have at least third-party insurance in Kenya. So, if you plan or buy a car, have insurance to abide by the law. In addition to acquiring an insurance cover, fix a copy of the insurance certificate on the left of the windscreen. This is proof that your vehicle is insured.

You may land into problems when asked by a police officer to pull over. To avoid such instances just have a motor insurance cover.

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Liability safety net.

In case of an accident, liabilities such as injury, property damage, death, and medical expenses to a third party are covered. Without an insurance cover, it would be your responsibility to cater to such liabilities. Are you super rich to cover such? I guess no and in any case, you get rich by wasting less. Therefore, have insurance cover to cover such unforeseen situations.

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Car repairs and replacement

After an accident, your car is damaged and requires repair. Some of the repair and spare parts are expensive to afford as an individual. However, comprehensive insurance will help you fix your car again. In serious accidents, your car may be written off hence losing it.

With a good insurance cover, you will be paid to replace your car. Better still you can have a courtesy car while repairs are going on.

To compensate you for an accident caused by a third party

There is an increase in the number of hit and run accidents, mass action, objects falling, floods and other accidents. Although, they are accidents that you have not caused you to deserve protection. Shift this protection responsibility to insurance.

To protect your valuable assets

Let us take an example of you causing accidental damage to property valued KSh 500,000. In your bank account, you have KSh 100,000. The lawyer of the complainant will demand KSh 500,000 compensation. In this case, the deficit is KSh 400,000.

To sort it out you may result selling your property. But, when insured you will transfer the liability to your insurer.

Protect your passengers

Human errors are the leading cause of motor accidents. In case the investigation points out that the accident was caused by a driver’s error, you are liable to your passengers. Your insurance will save you the hustle. Indeed auto insurance protects relationships.

Have peace of mind while on the road

Having insurance gives you peace of mind while on the road. Imagine a scenario where you bump into the rear of another vehicle while in a traffic jam. Both vehicles are seriously damaged. Would you say:

Sorry, buddy. I just didn’t see your brake lights


Don’t worry buddy. I have you covered.

I guess the latter will give you peace of mind. Know that your insurance will sort the buddy out.


Motor vehicle insurance in Kenya is not only legal but a necessary expenditure. Whether the vehicle is on the road or parked, car insurance in Kenya is necessary.