What should you do when involved in a road accident

Road Accident
A wreckage of vehicle involved in a road accident

At one point or another, you have witnessed or been a victim of a road accident. Although no one wakes up to cause or be a victim of a road accident, they still do happen. Ironically, the parties involved know very little about what they should do when they find themselves in such scenarios.

However, this is not an excuse not to plan on what to do when involved in a road accident. Situation awareness can make the experience a little bit better, save life or make it worse. In this article, we elaborate on what you should do when you are involved in a road accident.

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Although you may panic, when involved in a road accident, the law says that you should stop. Do not flee the scene. However, there are exceptions such as if by stopping you risk your life and property, move to the nearest police station. At the police station, report the incidence correctly.

Okay, you have stopped. What next?

Ensure other road users are aware that you have stopped

Stopping on the road may pose more danger. At this point, hazard lights should be on and a lifesaver triangle placed approximately 20 meters from the stalled vehicle.

This will alert other motorists of your presence long before they get to the scene.

Assess the victims of the accident for any injuries

Check the road accidents victim for injuries or death. Seek immediate medical assistance for the injured, call for ambulance and the police.

Call the police

Every accident needs to be reported to the police. Do it right, call the police even if there are no serious losses. It is legal to inform the police.

In an event, there are serious losses, injury or death. Let the police attend to it properly. The police will document the accident. This document will be important when launching an insurance claim. Do not forget to have the service number of the police too.

Exchange information and document the accident

In as much as you have been involved in the accident, try to get information about the victims, vehicle number plate, insurance, and driver’s license.

Typically, the police officer attending to the accident will collect all this information. However, you should collect the information in case the police response delays.

Finally, collect;

  • A copy of the accident report-request it from the police
  • Names and contacts of all the victims
  • Names and contacts of eyewitnesses
  • Take pictures of the scene

Do not admit liabilities

Contact your insurance provider and inform them about the accident. Tell them about injuries, death, and damages. Do not offer any compensation.

It is important to call your insurance agent while at the scene. They will guide you on what to do and the information that you need for the insurance claim process.

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Follow up with insurance

The information and documents that you collected are important for the insurance. Furnish your insurance with this information. Of course, they will send their investigator to ascertain how true the information is.

To be on the safe side give accurate and verifiable information.