What are the Dangers of body toxins

Body toxins

Body toxins are substances that find their way into the body and can potentially harm the cell. The body can produce them or get them from external sources.

Toxins harm the body and affect its normal functioning. This article will explain sources of these toxins, symptoms that your body has toxins and how to eliminate body toxins.

Where do toxins come from?

Toxins comes form a variety of sources. Some of the body toxin sources are from food and water. According to WHO glycophosphates account for the highest toxin in the food chain.

Glycophosate is commonly found in pesticides. It finds its way into the human body via food chain. Additionally, animal products and fish have traces of pesticide.

Toxins are also byproducts of the foods we eat. They include the carbon dioxide we exhale to the poop we excretes.

The food we eat goes through digestion and it’s excreted. There are various biological mechanisms involved before the food we eat is removed from the system. The poop and the urine are the major waste we see.

However, there are other toxins that are generated such a urea, uric acid just to name a few. People who have problems with their digestion will have a lot of problems removing the waste. Collectively, these toxins are called metabolic toxins. These body toxins need to be eliminated from the body or else the cause harm to body.

Finally, your personal care product such as shampoo, lotion and others are also a source of toxins. These toxins are harmful to infants and adults. These toxins are absorbed int o the body through the skin.

Dangers that body toxins in your body

The toxins are responsible for bloating or indigestion because a lot of waste is not being removed from
the system. If a person doesn’t excrete daily there is a high chance of getting bloated. Bloating gives rise
to more serious issues like liver problems because the toxins from poop are recycled back to the liver and with time the liver will start to get affected.

Toxins that are not removed from the system are the major cause of obesity. Weight gain is attributed to too much oxidative stress due to a lower metabolism rate. People who have too much toxin feel tired all the time and so they are inactive. Obesity will lead to other metabolic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes.

Toxins are also responsible for kidney diseases. Too many toxins accumulate in the kidneys. This leads to kidney failure. Toxins will cause stomach ulcers too.

Symptoms that your body has toxins

Body toxins may manifest themselves in different ways. The symptoms of toxin are both acute and chronic.

Acute symptoms include include coughing, sneezing, diarrhea, excessive production of mucus and urine. Long term exposure to toxins leads to chronic effects such as memory loss, fatigue, sleep impairment, eczema and mental illness such as depression.

How to remove remove toxin

Eat enough vitamins

The role of vitamins in cleansing the body should be given emphasis. If a person can eat more vegetables and fruits than eating the other foods like carbohydrates and proteins, the toxins will not accumulate in their body.

If you are obese eating 2 kg of vegetables before dinner time daily will help lower the number of toxins.
Most people can’t stand vegetables leave alone 2 kgs of them. But it all depends on what kind of vegetables are we talking about. If a person can try vegetable and fruit smoothies the problem will be easily solved.

Ingridients of a simple recipe of smoothie

2 large red/yellow bell pepper, 1 large cucumber,1 avocado, large ginger, pineapple/apple/mango blended. Take this recipe for a month the toxins will go.

Keep your body well hydrated

Another magic is drinking water. Ensure you drink 2 liters of water daily. Take the first 2 glasses before taking a shower in the morning, and the 2 others after the shower. Take the other 2 glasses before
lunch and the final 2 before dinner. This will cleanse all the toxins.

Promote sweating

Sweating not only cools the body but also promote excretion of toxins from the body. Participating in sporting activity, brisk walk and any sweaty activity can help.

Dispose the toxins safely

Encounter with toxin is determined by how the toxin are disposed. Correct disposal means low chances of contaminating our environment and food system.

Avoid processed food

Well, we all love sweet and refined food. This type of food lender normal detoxification difficult causing harm to the kidney and liver. So, next time you go shopping for food, go for natural food.