Weight Loss: Why do you gain weight after losing weight?

Weight loss

Weight loss is a dream for many obese people. Many people are struggling with weight or
weight-related diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. This is a worldwide issue. There are television shows such as “my 600 pounds journey” that promote weight loss. Weight comes due to too much consumption of food. Food addiction is a real disorder like any other addiction.

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Where does it begin?

Being overweight starts from somewhere, from childhood through teenager to adulthood. People who are struggling with weight are just big. They are most probably born of obese parents and are therefore over feed and end up being obese.

Others are emotionally traumatized and find consolation in food. Some obese women have a history of sexual abuse when teenage and can’t find anybody to disclose it to and there find consolation in eating. Another cause of obesity is Stress, which makes people extremely hungry. The abuse can be also for any gender even cases of boys who had abusive parents and are bribed with food.

How do people lose weight?

Once a person realizes that they are struggling with weight they will do whatever is possible to lose it. In the process, people go to the gym, others adopt good eating habits and others have healthy lifestyles.

As we know weight is a result of more calorie intake than calories used. People who have sedentary lifestyles tend to gain more weight than people who have busy schedules.

People will stop eating by adopting fasting schedules to lose weight. All this works very well but ends up coming back after some time.

Why does the weight come back?

The reason why people overeat should first be checked before adopting a weight loss journey. People
should understand themselves, their emotions, and their lifestyle so that the weight loss journey can be
a success.

The history of weight gain should be traced from where it began. For example, people who
were just overfed can easily lose weight permanently. But if the cause of overeating has everything to
do with emotions that is unchecked for example there was abuse and assort then emotional therapy
should be adopted along with exercise and diet. Always emotional triggers must be identified for the
reason of overeating for weight loss success.

Another reason why weight will go and come back is high toxin levels in the body. What we mean by
high toxins levels is that too much fat in the body brings about blockage to the body system. Too much
toxin brings lots of carbon dioxide into the body and therefore too much acidity in the body. This will
hinder any attempt to diet because of high gas and acidity levels in the stomach. People must detoxify
their bodies before adopting a healthy lifestyle.