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Toni Marrison
Toni Marrison

Biography of Toni Marrison

Toni Marrison is a famous former American writer during the 20th century. Her writings are mainly based on American Culture and Black American lifestyle

Toni Marrison date of birth/age

Toni Marrison was born in Feb 18 1931 in Lorain in Ohio.

Toni Marrison Family

Toni’s parents are Goerge Wofford her father and Rama Wofford her mother. She also had three siblings.

Toni Marrison Husband and Children

Toni Marrison was married to Harrold Morrison a Jamaican architect in 1958 and they had two children together namely Harrold Ford and Slade Kevin


Marrison attended Howard University where she graduated with degree in English in 1953. She then joined Cornell University and graduated with Masters Degree in 1955.

What is Toni Marrison known for?

Morrison began her writing career in 1970 when she wrote and released a novel about a victimized adolescent Black girl on initiation who loved the standard beauty of the whites and would love to have blue eye and the novel was named The Bluest eye.

She released her second novel three years later she released her second novel named Sula which was about examining issues like the community expectations conformity and friendship dynamics. Four years later she released Song Solomon which is about a narrator who is in search of his identity, and this opened her door to fame. In 1981 she was out with a novel named Tar Baby which is about exploration of conflict on class, sex and race.

In 1987, Toni acclaimed her most famous novel named Beloved which is based on true a true story of a slave that ran away whom at the point of recapture decided to kill his daughter in order to save her the life of slavery. The novel won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. In 1998 the film version of the novel was released where Oprah Einfret was the starring. In 2005 she wrote an opera about a novel named Libretto for Margret Garner that also inspired beloved.

In 1992 Toni was out with a story about passion and violence named Jazz which was set in New York City. In 2003 she released a story about an intricate family that was able to spill out the myriad facets about live and ostensible opposite named Black utopian community which was in Oklahoma and love. In 2008 Toni released story about slavery in the America during the 17th century, the novel was titles A Mercy. 2012 came in the redemptive home about a Korean War Veteran who faces recism after he returned home and has to face all odds to save his sister. Three years later Toni Marrison wrote God Help the Child which is about ramifications of child abuse on a Black girl who’s parents are all white. In 1992 Playing in the Dark was published and this was on the Literary Imagination and Whiteness.

In 2008 she wrote What Moves at the Margin on Selected Nonfiction which was edited by Carolyn C. Denard. In 2019 Marrison wrote selected essays, Speeches and Meditations titled The Law of Self Regard. She also wrote Marrison together with her son wrote some children books among them the famous book named Who Got Game? followed by the one in 2092 which was The Book About Mean People and Please Louise. In 2004 she also penned Remember which is about the hardship faced by Black students in American public school system during the integration. This was by the use of archival photographs justaposed and this earned her the 2005 Coretta Scott King Award.

Harrison earned the French Legion of Gonour officer after which in 2012 she won the U.S Presidential Medal of Freedom. She also has a documentary about her life named life and career named The Pieces I Am.

Toni Marrison Net worth

Toni Marrison net worth was at about $20 million as at the time of her death.