The Outlaws band: Members profile, Song, Albums

The Outlaws Band

The Outlaws are a southern rock band that was formed in Tampa, Florida in 1972. The band’s original lineup consisted of Hughie Thomasson (guitar and vocals), Billy Jones (guitar and vocals), Frank O’Keefe (bass), Henry Paul (guitar and vocals), and Monte Yoho (drums).

The Outlaws quickly gained a reputation for “Goes Another Love Song” and “Green Grass and high Tides.” The album was well-received and helped establish the band as one of the leading southern rock groups of the 1970s. Over the years, their live performances, which featured extended guitar jams and tight harmonies.

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The Outlaws band members

The rock band the outlaws founding members are:

  1. The band’s original lineup consisted of:
  2. Hughie Thomasson (guitar and vocals)
  3. Billy Jones (guitar and vocals)
  4. Frank O’Keefe (bass)
  5. Henry Paul (guitar and vocals)
  6. Monte Yoho (drums)

In 1975, the band released their self-titled debut album, which included the hit songs. The band’s lineup changed several times, with original members Thomasson and Paul leaving and rejoining at different points and new members joining and leaving as well. Despite these changes, the band continued to tour and record music, releasing several more albums throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

The Outlaws’ sound was heavily influenced by blues rock, country, and folk music, and their triple lead guitar approach set them apart from other southern rock bands of the time. The band’s live performances were also known for their high energy and musical virtuosity, and they were a popular concert act throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

The Outlaws have been praised for their musicianship and songwriting, and their music continues to be popular with fans of classic rock and southern rock. They have been credited as one of the pioneers of
the southern rock genre and have influenced many musicians over the years.

Today, the Outlaws continue to tour and perform, and their music remains an important part of the classic rock canon.

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List of some of the most notable Outlaws albums

  1. Outlaws (1975)
  2. Lady in Waiting (1976)
  3. Hurry Sundown (1977)
  4. Playin’ to Win (1982)
  5. Soldier of Fortune (1985)
  6. Los Hombres Malo (1987)
  7. Ghost Riders (1991)
  8. Dixie Highway (1997)
  9. Ghost Riders Live! (2000)
  10. It’s About Pride (2012)

The guitarist and vocalist Hughie Thomasson passed away in 2007, while keyboardist Bill Parsons and
bassist Randy Threet are still alive and performing as members of the band.

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