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TT Comedian
TT Comedian the youngest comedian in Kenya

Biography of TT Comedian

TT Comedian is the Kenya’s youngest comedian who started her career at a young age of 5 years and is making progress in the entertainment industry. His real name is Terence Mwamadi.

TT Comedian age

TT Comedian was born on July 3rd 2016 in Kitengela, Kajiado County where he also grew up. He is 7 years old. The young comdeian celebrates his birthday on every 3rd day of July.

TT Comedian Parents

His parents are Mjukuu Mwamadi (father) who is also an actor, videographer, photographer, a presenter and comedian. He is also the director of Ladha ya Mtaa TV. The comedian’s mother is Atotty KE who is also an actress. There is no information on if TT has siblings or not.

TT Comedian Education

The Comedian is currently a CBC student at Pre-primary 1 but there is no information on the school he is attending

TT the comedian

Terence passion in comedy was awaken when his mother used to carry him to shooting her video since she is also an actor. This is where he started emulating them and his parents discovered his talent and they decided to mentor him and helping him shoot videos. By mid 2020s they ensured that their son is well trained with the skills he needs in acting.

His breakthrough was in 2022 with his video named ‘ Mzee was Kofia‘. The video was a success had many fans and went viral, at this point his parents decided to open a You tube channel for their son which as of 2023 has over 14 million viewers. TT has taken a step to acting with big media celebrities like Jalango. TT mostly have his videos with his fellow actors namely Gk Serikal, Ladha ya mtaa, TT Shosh, Katwin Sasha, Chikunde and Zulpha. The young comedian acting is currently being managed by Ladha ya Mtaa Films.

TT is also the brand ambassador of the famous Kenyan bread company called Superloaf.

TT Comedian Net worth

In the short period that he has acted comedy its been a success but there is no information on the estimated value of his net worth and his accounts are being run and managed by his parents