Nikki Bella Bio, Age, Family, Husband, Net worth.

Nikki Bella

Biography of Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella is a former female wrestler who was a part of the WWE which assigned her to the Florida Championship. She has won a number of Championships including the Diva Championship.

Nikki Bella wikipedia

Official name: Stephanie Nicole Garcia

Popular name: Nikki Bella or Nikki Garcia

Birthplace: San Diego, California

Birthday: 21st November

Year of birth: 1983

Age: 40 years

Father: John Garcia

Mother: Carthy Colace

Sister: Brie Bella

Husband: John Cena


Occupation: TV personality and Retired professional wrestler

Nikki Bella age

Bella was born on November 21st 1983 in San Diego California in the United States, she is 40 years old.

Nikki Bella Family

Nikki’s parents are John Garcia her father and Carthy Colace her mother. She has a twin sister named Brie Bella who was also wrestler.

Nikki Bella Husband

Nikki first got married to her high school lover, but their marriage was annulled three years later. She then got engaged to John Cena in 2017 but ended their engagement in 2018. It’s not known if Nikki has Kids it not.

Nikki Bella Education

Bella attended Chaparral High School and after high school education she joined Gross Mont College in San Diego.

Nikki Bella Career

Nikki at first was a model because of her beauty and figure and she appeared in Fox TV in a program named Meet my Folks. Together with her twin they later took part in the commercial together and they were part of the International Body Doubles Twin search. In 2006 they appeared in the WWE Diva Search. They managed to get to the USA’s biggest wrestling Platform named WWE.

Nikki Bella WWE championship

In 2007, Nikki together with her twin signed a deal with the WWE which assigned them to the Florida Championship. Their debut in the ring came in September 15th 2007 in a fight they won against the Nattie Neidhart and Krissy Vaine.  The twins could switch position if one of them was hurt without refaree’s knowledge. They were then presented to be villainous characters.

Again in 2007 Nikki started having grudges with Derrick Linkin but didn’t go far for Linkin was released by WWE. Their grudge with Nattie and Crawford preference up again but later Nattie was named the main roster of the WWE and Nikki had to continue her field with Milena Roucka. In September Nikki lost her last FCW fight in the Divas Battle Royals.

Bella twins

In 2008 Nikki and Brie came up with the Bella Twins and the Smark Down Brie had her debut on a fight against Victoria. When Nikki was badly beaten, she could go under the ring and get back with new strength as they could switch with the sister without anyone noticing but was found out later by Natalia and Victoria who pulled them both out of the ring.

Bella Twins
Bella Twins

This caught the attention of everyone, and they started gaining fame. Another feud arose between the Bella twins and The Mizz and John Morrison. The Mizz took the twins on a date and accidentally spat apple on Bries face which made Nikki to laugh and that was the beginning of fueds among sisters and they faced each other in. Many occasions which became a storyline in the WWE. When Brie was drafted in the Raw Nikki came to rescue her and the twins reunited 

What happen to the Bella twins?

In 2009 the twins were drafted into the ECW where they had a fued with the Jullian Hall where they met in a ring and managed to beat Jillian. Two years later won the contender for the diva championship during the Battle Royals when she was at position one. In the Lumberjill match Nikki also win the the Divas Title which was against Phoniex.

Unfortunately, Brie lost to Layla and also Nikki lists the Divas title at the same time. They both got fired by Eva Torres the WWE Executive Administrator. In 2012 Nikki then appeared in the Independent Circuit and spent one year with them.

Nikki and her sister returned to WWE in the RAW backstage segment and started feeding with Funkadactyls. They had a match in Wrestlemania but it could not take place but took place in main event and the twins lost. They started dressing differently and in 2014 Nikki win the championship against AjLee.

Nikki Bella cagematch

After her sister was fired Nikki got an offer from McMahon to attack her sister Brie in Pay-per-view match in order for her to take part in the Diva Division and she agreed to it and went a bead to face her sister. She managed to win the match and emerged the longest reigning diva champion and managed to retain her championship in many events.

Nikki Bella injury

Later due to neck injury Nikki lost her championship to Charlotte flair she again returned after ten months for the championship match against Charlotte. She also started feeding with Maryse whom she faced in a tag team match wrestle mania of John cena Nikki, and Mizz- Maryse where John and Nikki win the fight. In April Nikki decided to take a break from the run which she announced in April 4th but later appeared in the RAW 25th anniversary where she took part in the Women’s Royal Rumbles.

Nikki Bella retirement

She then returned to WWE where she started having guess with Epnda Rousy and faced each other in the Championship match. Nikki was found with a cyst in her head and ended her career and retired in 2019. It was then announced that the Bella Twins would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame which was to take place in 2020.

Nikki Bella Net worth

Nikki’s net worth is estimated to be at around $8 million as of 2023.

Which Bella twin is the oldest?

Well, Nikki was born 16 minutes before Brie. Therefore, she is the oldest.