Scott Fitzgerald Bio, Age, Family, Wife, Education, Career, Death.

scott Fitzgerald
scott Fitzgerald

Biography of Scott Fitzgerald

Scott Fitzgerald is an American novelist, short story writer who is famous for his 1920s duplication of Jazz Age and also the writer if the brilliant novel named Great Gatsby.

Scott Fitzgerald childhood

Fitzgerald was born in September 24th 1896 at St Paul Minnesota in the United States.

Scott Fitzgerald family

Fitzgerald is a son to a aristocratic man who was unsuccessful and an energetic provincial mother.

Scott Fitzgerald wife

Fitzgerald first got married to Zelda and together they had a daughter named Scottie. After a long fight of alcohol and Zelda lost in ballet dance throughout he again met Sheilah Graham but could still visit Zelda and their daughter.


Fitzgerald attended St Pauls Academy from 1908 to 1910 he then joined Newman School from 1911 to 1913. He later went to Princeton University

Scott Fitzgerald Career

Fitzgerald started working with the army which he joined in 1817 after losing the positions he was holding while still at the University and returned to Princeton and in 1818 was stationed at Montgomery. Later he moved to New York where he got an advertising job but later he retired and started working with St. Paul’s Minnesota where he decided to rewrite a novel named This Side of Oaradise that he had started in Princeton.

The novel was all about revelation of new morality of the young. This is where his fame began and opened his door to magazines of The Saturday Evening Post which was among the high Paying popular ones and Scribner’s which was a magazine of literary prestige.

The success earned Fitzgerald and Zelda a name they deserved as Rig Lardner named them Prince and Princess of their generation.

Scott Fitzgerald books

His second novel The Beatiful and Damned showed in 1922 which gave a description of a handsome young man and a beautiful wife who are aging slowly into their middle age while the couple wait for the young man to inherit a big fortune. However, it is an irony as they get what they have been waiting for when they are of age and have nothing of them left to preserve.

In the bid to escape the kind of lifestyle they thought to lead to their end him together with his wife and daughter named Franches that character of Scottie who was born in 1921 they leave for Riviera in 1924 joining a group said to be a of American expatriates who are living a life style set by Sara Murphy and Gerald. The society is described by Fitzgerald in his last novel as Tender in the Night with it’s modeled hero Gerald Murphy.

When he got to France in 1925 he completed his novel which is described a brilliant named The Great Gatsby whereby all his divided nature are found in the novel. This is where the naive Midwesterner where there is a possibility of the American Dream in Jay Gatsby it’s hero and the Yale gentleman who is compassionate in Nivk Carraway. During his time the most profound Anerican novel was The Great Gatsby. As he concludes it Fitzgerald connects Platonic conception of himself which is Gatsby’s dream with that of the American discoveries dream.

Scott Fitzgerald short stories

In 1926 in The novel All The Sad Young Men appeared some of his finest short stories like that of Absolution and The Rich Boy and eight years later another over surfaced. Due to drinking and his wife involved in ballet dance it was a break in writing and later again appeared in 1934 with the story of a psychiatrist who got married to one of his patients and while she gets better she uses up his vitality the novel Tender is the Night a novel he had not finished. The man fits in Fitzgerald words “A man used up”. It was the most moving of all his books but didn’t give him a success.

After the failure and left to drown in alcohol he was almost becoming a Hollywood Scriptwriter and met a Hollywood Gossip Columnist Sheilah Graham and fell in love with her and they lived together but could still visit Zelda and their daughter.

He again started Hollywood novel named The Last Tycoon in 1939. Monroe Starh his career hero which was about Irving Thalberg who was a producer which was also another trial to his promise of life in America and the type of man who would realize then but unfortunately he died when the novel was halfway.

Scott Fitzgerald cause of death

Fitzgerald died of heart attack in December 21st 1940  in Hollywood  California at the age of 44.