Sammy Irungu- Bio, Age, Wife and children, Education, Career, Songs Net worth.

Sammy Irungu
Sammy Irungu performing one of his songs

Sammy Irungu Biography

Sammy Irungu is a Kenyan Kikuyu gospel musician who have sung in Royal Media Radio station known as Inooro a Kikuyu language Radio station. He has also released various songs in Kikuyu. He is currently working as an accountant in a manufacturing company which is located in Nairobi.

Sammy Irungu Age

Sammy Irungu was born on 30th April 1983, in Olenguruone, Nakuru County, he is 40 years old. He marks his birthday on every 30th day of April.

Sammy Irungu Wife/married

He is a married with two children but both the wife and the kid’s identity is unknown.

Sammy Irungu’s Career 

As he could not continue with his studies he started working in a hotel where he cooked mandazi and chapati. At the same time he joined a praise and worship team which was by then owned by Benson Gathungu. He then met Allan Aaron and teamed up to work on their vocals. He also sold soup and Mutura in Mangu. Later he moved to Nairobi in Dandora where he worked in mjengo in Donholm in buildings like Harambee house.

Sammy started working with a Royal Media Radio station called Inooro Fm a Kikuyu station from 2010 where he sings on Saturday’s from 10am till noon. A breakthrough came from a Kesha where he tried to gain recognition in Dandora and few days, one of the guests called and asked him how long he could sing nonstop. Two years later another success came knocking when the head of executive Mr Zulu Thongo asked him to record his songs.

That is when he started recording his songs which included Ngoro Yakwa, Guitar ya Daudi, Maithori, Ngukuhe Ngoro and Menyerera Gucenjanirio irathimo among other songs. He has made best collaborations collabo with Phylis Mbuthia in Muheani hit which has yielded over 7 million viewers in their platforms. And he also besides singing he owns a recording studio on his name.

Sammy Irungu songs

  • Njiarwa iganagira Njiarwa
  • Niwikite Magegania
  • Ngukuhe Ngoro
  • Njiarwa iganagira Njiarwa
  • Gutiri wa kuhana nawe

Sammy Irungu Net worth

His Net worth is estimated to be at around KSh.7 million.