Rose Muhando Bio, Age, Husband and children, Education, Career, Net worth

Rose Muhando
Rose Muhando

Biography of Rose Muhando

Rose Muhando is a Tanzanian choreographer, gospel singer and a songwriter. She is the queen of gospel music as she has released among the most hit gospel songs majorly in Kiswahili.

Rose Muhando Age

Muhando was born in January 1976 in Kilosa district, Morogogoro region in Tanzania, she is 48 years old.

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Rose Muhando family

She grew up a Muslim. Her father was the Muslim Sheikh. However, she converted to Christianity when she sick for three years and was healed. She claimed she had seen the vision of Jesus in her sick bed though her father fought her against it.

Rose Muhando Husband and children

In an interview Muhando said that she had gone through heartbreak from the fathers of his children. She is not married. However, she has three children; a boy and two girls. Her son Anoint Essau Amani is also a Gospel musician.

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Rose Muhando Education

Muhando attended Madrasa which was a Muslim religious studies center. But there is no information on which primary school or secondary or college.

Rose Muhando music career

Muhando’s musical career began as a choir teacher for Saint Mary’s Choir at Chimuli Anglican Church which is in Dodoma. In December 2005, she took part in the gospel concert which was to help collect funds for the Dar es Salaam orphanage.

Later in 2011 Muhando managed to sign a multi-album recording contract with the Sony music. It was made public and official in Dar es Salam in Tanzania.

Muhando then took a break of 5 years and again returned in 2022 with a new gospel hit album which was titled ‘Secret Agenda’ which also contained Kama Mabaya Mbaya which was released in December.

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Rose Muhando albums

Among the albums Muhando released are:

  • Mteule Uwe Macho (2004)
  • Kitimutimu (2005)
  • Jipange Sawasawa (2008)
  • Nyota ya Ajabu (2011)
  • Utamu Wa Yesu (2011)
  • Mungu Anacheka (2015)
  • Nampenda Yesu (2017)
  • Usife Moyo (2018)
  • Secret agenda (2022)


She received various awards which included;

  • In 2005 she was the Best female vocalist. Her song “Mteule uwe Macho” was the best gospel song award by Tanzania Music Awards.
  • In 2009 she was awarded the Best singer in Tanzania by the Best Tanzanian Gospel Singer Awards which was accompanied by a Tsh 200000 which was from the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation from her song Nibebe.
  • In 2008 she was awarded the female gospel artist in Africa award by the Kenya Groove Awards

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Rose Muhando Net worth

As a successful gospel artist rose Muhando’s Net worth is estimated to be at around $5 Million