NTSA: How to transfer car ownership in Kenya

A Log book, an important document during car transfer
An image of a log book which is an important document during car ownership transfer in Kenya

The ultimate end of the car sale process is the transfer of car ownership. In Kenya, this service is provided by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA). Through, NTSA Transport Integrated Management System popularly known as TIMS, the owner is able to transfer car ownership.

Since the process is done online, you need internet connectivity, a computer, and a scanned copy of the original log book. The buyer equally needs to have a TIMS account.

Ensure you follow the legal process when buying a car. Once you have followed the process proceeds to have the seller transfer the ownership of the vehicle. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to transfer car ownership in Kenya.

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Requirements during vehicle transfer in Kenya

  • Both the receiver and seller should have a TIMS account
  • Mobile phone number used during TIMS account registration
  • A scan of the original log book
  • KRA PIN for the seller and the buyer

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Step-by-step guide on how to transfer car ownership in Kenya

The process is initiated by the owner of the vehicle by login into their TIMS account.

  1. Once logged in click on the Vehicle Registration button
  2. To access the transfer menu click on “Apply for Transfer of Ownership”
  3. Select the “Create New” button and enter the vehicle’s registration number you want to transfer.
  4. Click view to see the vehicle’s particulars and then upload a scanned copy of the logbook.
  5. Under “New Vehicle Owner,” select the individual/non-Individual/financier and then enter the buyer’s detail.
  6. For Individuals, enter the National/Alien ID and PIN and for a company/financial institution, enter the PIN and click on the Add Button.
  7. To prompt Security Verification to your mobile phone, click “Send verification code.”
  8. Enter the verification code sent to your number and check the “Disclaimer” displayed.

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Upon completion of the above steps by the seller, the buyer receives an SMS notification and proceeds to accept or decline the vehicle transfer. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to accept a car transfer in Kenya.

  1. As a buyer open login into your TIMS account and click on the accept ownership button,
  2. Input the registration number and click on inquire, followed by the view button to see the vehicle’s particulars.
  3. Choose the verification mode as mobile and click the send button on the buyer’s phone.
  4. Once you receive the verification code input it in the field provided and choose to accept or decline the transfer
  5. If you choose to accept, proceed to fill out all the information required, then click on the submit button. The data is to be sent to NTSA for processing and issuing a logbook within seven(7) working days.

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Cost of car transfer in Kenya

Unlike NTSA TIMS registration, vehicle transfer is charged following the engine capacity criteria as indicated below;

0 – 1000cc2160.00
1001 – 1200cc2390.00
1201 – 1500cc2565.00
1501 – 1700cc2910.00
1701 – 2000cc3195.00
2001 – 2500cc4345.00
2501 – 3000cc5555.00
3001cc – and above6415.00
Trailer less than four wheels1530.00
A trailer with four wheels or more2390.00
Motor Cycle / Three Wheeler1530.00
Discharge and Transfer of Ownership625.00
Charges of vehicle ownership transfer in Kenya. Source: Nasonga

Transferring a vehicle in Kenya is pretty easy when you have a TIMS account and requisite documents. You just follow the step-by-step guide discussed above.

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