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Niki Lauda
Niki Lauda

Niki Lauda, (born February 22, 1949) was an Austrian Formula One (F1) racing driver and a prominent figure in the motorsport world. Lauda is widely regarded as one of the greatest drivers in F1 history, known for his exceptional skills, determination, and remarkable comeback from a near-fatal accident.

Early Life and Racing Career

Niki Lauda was born into a wealthy family in Vienna, Austria. Despite his family’s disapproval of his racing ambitions, Lauda pursued his passion for motorsports. He began his racing career in the late 1960s, participating in Formula Vee and Formula 3 championships before making his way to Formula Two.

Formula One Success with Ferrari

Lauda’s breakthrough came when he joined the Ferrari team in 1974. He quickly established himself as a formidable driver, displaying a combination of technical expertise, exceptional racecraft, and a disciplined approach. Lauda won his first F1 World Championship in 1975, becoming the first Austrian to achieve this feat.

Niki Lauda Near-Fatal Accident and Comeback

In 1976, Lauda’s life took a dramatic turn when he suffered a horrific crash at the German Grand Prix at the Nürburgring. He suffered severe burns and lung damage, with his life hanging in the balance. Remarkably, just six weeks after the accident, Lauda returned to racing, displaying extraordinary determination and resilience.

Niki Lauda Championships

Niki Lauda went on to win two more F1 World Championships in 1977 and 1984, both with the McLaren team. He showcased his exceptional skills and ability to perform under immense pressure.

Niki Lauda retirement

Lauda retired from Formula One for the first time in 1979 but made a brief comeback in the 1982 and 1985 seasons before permanently retiring from racing.

Post-Racing Career and Influence

Following his retirement, Niki Lauda pursued various business interests and remained involved in motorsports. He served as a consultant for Ferrari and later became a team principal for the Jaguar and Mercedes F1 teams. Lauda’s insights and contributions were highly regarded within the racing community.

Personality and Legacy

Niki Lauda was known for his no-nonsense attitude, straight-talking nature, and unwavering focus on performance. His perseverance and determination to overcome adversity made him an inspiration to many. Lauda’s legacy extends beyond his on-track achievements, as he left an indelible mark on the sport and inspired a generation of racing enthusiasts.

Niki Lauda wife

Lauda was married twice. His first wife was Marlene Knaus, and they had two sons. His second wife was Birgit Wetzinger, and they had a daughter.

Niki Lauda Net worth

Lauda’s net worth is estimated to be $200 million. He earned a significant amount of money from his Formula One career, as well as from sponsorships and business interests.

Niki Lauda death

Niki Lauda remained active in the motorsport world, working as a television commentator and continuing his involvement with the Mercedes F1 team until his passing. He passed away on May 20, 2019, at the age of 70, leaving behind a rich legacy and an enduring influence on Formula One. He had been suffering from lung cancer.

Honors and Recognition

Niki Lauda’s contributions to motorsport were widely recognized. He was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame and received numerous awards, including the Laureus Lifetime Achievement Award for Sport. Lauda’s impact on F1 and his incredible determination continue to be remembered and celebrated by fans and the racing community alike.