Murega Baichu: Meet Kawira Mwangaza husband, Bio, Education, Career, Ex-wife, Controversy, Songs, Contacts

First Meru County gentleman, Murega Baichu playing his guitar at unnamed event in Meru County


Murega Baichu is the current “first gentelman”of Meru County. This means he is married to Meru County Governor, Kawira Mwangaza.

Despite being a musician, he is loves politics and as such he is a strong supporter of his wife. However, his support to his has has created a leadership rift within Meru County Assembly.

The rift prompted two impeachments proceeding by Meru County MCAs just after four months into Governor Kawira election. Meet this man who governs Kawira Mwangaza’s heart.

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Interesting facts about Murega Baichu

  • Place of birth:
  • Date of birth:
  • Age:
  • Full name: Robert Murega Rimberia
  • Popular name: Murega Baichu
  • Occupation: Musician
  • Wife: Governor, Bishop Kawira Mwangaza
  • Former/ Ex-wife: Sabina Ncoro Kaumbuthu
  • Children: Yes (3 kids 2 Boys and 1 girl)
  • Mother: Uknown
  • Father: Uknown

Early Life and Education

Murega Baichu is the husband of Meru’s Governor Kawira Mwangaza. He is a musician famous among the Ameru for his guitar skills. Murega is also known for wearing Panama hats which he claims was one of the factors that attracted his wife Kawira Mwangaza to notice him.

Robert comes from a humble background. He is first born in a family of 5 says his parent struggled to bring them up. However, not much details about his education and early life are not yet available to the public.

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Murega Baichu Career

Murega Baichu is a musician with unmatched guitar skills. He is a lover of politics but holds no interest in vying for any political seat.

Murega instead supports his wife claiming that with Kawira indulging in politics he is comfortable and fancies supporting her.

Apart from being a musician and lover of politics, Mr. Murega is also a pastor known for having spiritual prophetic power.

Mr. Murega serves as his wife’s assistant with no pay. His act of love has sparked controversy among the public with some claiming he is his wife’s porch carrier.

Murega also volunteered to help her run the Office of the Governor. He claims to know her best and
the challenges she faces. The loving husband and musician remarked that he is aware of what Kawira Mwangaza needs to be successful and would want her to achieve that.

He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), of Baite Tv and Baite Records (a vernacular media house) which was previously known as Kamankura Records.

Murega Baichu together with his wife Kawira Mwangaza run the Baite Family Church and are both ministers.

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Murega Baichu songs

Among his songs are Kimeru hits such as;

  1. Kawira’ a song complementing his wife,
  2. Mwei wa Mirenge
  3. Ngwika Kiguo’
  4. Maiga
  5. Igwe Nkwenda
  6. Kaana Kamenyerwe
  7. Thimu
  8. Muciari
  9. Wallet
  10. Gikombe Kia Ncoobi
  11. Murega Baichu Rwagi

Murega’s Wife and Family

Murega Baichu and his wife, Kawira Mwangaza

Murega Baichu is married to her Excellency Kawira Mwangaza the Governor of Meru County. The couple got married in May 2018 following Kawira’s win in the 2017 elections where she clinched the Women’s Representative seat.

As a couple, they don’t have kids yet, but Mr. Murega has three children, two boys, and a girl from his previous relationship. The couple is happily married, and this can be seen by how they support and have each other’s back when they are hit by paparazzi.

Mr. Murega married his first wife Sabina Ncoro Kaumbuthu in 1992. According to our sources they had a good marriage up to sometime in 2012 when Murega was hired by Kawira Mwangaza as the entertainment manager during her campaigns.

On the set to the 2013 election where she was vying for Buuri Member of Parliament. He would be spotted playing his guitar at her home in Kibiricha. This is how the two fell in love.

Murega would later leave his first wife Sabina and marry Kawira Mwangaza.

Murega Baichu Controversy

Following Kawira’s win in the 2022 election where she vied for the governor’s seat, Mr. Murega stepped up to support his wife in every form possible.

He volunteered to work as her assistant and was given the position of Meru Youth Service (MYS) and Meru Hustlers Ambassador patron. This did not appeal to Meru County MCAs.

They questioned his involvement in the governing of the county claiming he is not an elected leader. The MCAs deemed his appointment to the said titles against the law. The musician would switch to his talent in music to objurgate the MCA’s who did not take it up well.

The MCA’s retaliated by threatening to remove the Governor from office. They followed through with their threat which brought the Governor to the Senate special committee. The members of the county assembly had impeached the Governor on six charges and 32 grounds.

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Kawira Mwangaza impeachment

During a senate committee impeachment proceeding, the first gentleman (Murega Baichu) featured prominently. His wife, Kawira Mwangaza was accused by the MCAs of illegally appointing him as Meru Youth Service (MYS) and Meru Hustlers Ambassador patron.

They argued that the positions did not exist within the constitution. As such, these appointments amounted to nepotism and abuse of office.

However, in her defense, the governor cited that other counties have such positions for their first ladies.

First forward, the eleven-member Senate special committee dismissed the allegations citing the MCA’s failed to substantiate any charges against. Their recommendation was unanimously adopted by the Senate. This handed, Meru County Governor, Kawira Mwangaza a new life as the governor.

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Murega Baichu Contacts

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