Mother in Law actor aka Charity Mwamba: Bio, husband

Mother in law
Elizabeth Wanjiru aka Mother in law

Mother in law is a weekly family TV series in Kenya. Its main actor is mother in law aka Charity Mwamba. Her real name is Elizabeth Wanjiru. In the program she plays the role of a tough and suborn mother in law. However, mother in law or Charity Mwamba is her stage name. Then who is the real mother in law? Find out from this article.

Who is mother in law actor

The real name of the actor mother in law is Elizabeth Wanjiru. She was born at uplands, Limuru. Her parents passed on long time ago. Wanjiru is born in a family of 12.


Elizabeth started her education journey at Githirioni primary school. However, she transferred to a school sponsored by Bata shoe factory after his father was detained by the colonial government. Her education destiny would change after circumstances forced her to relocate and live with her sister who was working at Muranga. At Githumu, Muranga she became the best student. However, due to the cultural and colonial mentality she was denied the top position. The top position was handed over a boy.

After the incidence Elizabeth was transferred to Kikuyu where she completed her primary her primary school.

She later joined Alliance girls. It is here that her acting skills were honed. She later joined university of Nairobi for her Bachelor of Arts degree. Her passion for acting continued at the university. She also holds a postgraduate diploma.


Wanjiru is a retired teacher. She start as a teacher at Mary Leaky school. She rose the ranks to become a principal.

Marriage and Husband

It is from acting that mother in law met her estranged husband, Shem Bageine. They married while they were still students. The couple parted ways in 1981 after 13 years in marriage.

She is also a mother of 2 daughters and 1 son. However, she has no custody of her children.

How do you manage acting and age

Despite her age Elizabeth is still a sensation actress. While speaking to her she said her little secret is nutrition and use of supplements. She acknowledged that her health has improved since she started using the supplements. She has acted over 12 years.

Quick facts about Charity Mwamba

Real name: Elizabeth Wanjiru

Marital status: Technically yes

Children: 3

Level of education: University

Social media presence: None