Mithika Linturi: Bio, Education, Career, Family, Net Worth

Mithika Linturi
Mithika Linturi addressing a crowd

Franklin Mithika Linturi was born in 1969 in Akaciu Igembe South Constituency in Meru. He is the Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture and Livestock Development. He is also the former Senator of Meru County.

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Mithika Linturi Education

Mithika Linturi started his education journey at Amwamba Primary School for his preschool and later attended Igembe Boys Secondary School. He further proceeded to the Kenya Institute of Marketing (KIM), where he took a Diploma in Marketing. The former Senator also took a certificate course in Insurance from The College of insurance.
Mithika Linturi also attended Meru Technical College where he pursued a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), course. Rumor has it that he also attended The University of Colombia where he took a business course.

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Franklin Mithika Linturi Career

Mithika linturi worked for several insurance companies as an agent after the completing of his studies.
He later founded Arkehoice Insurance Brokers Ltd in 1999 which has its headquarters in Nairobi and Maua. He serves as the company’s Managing Director.

Political career

Mithika’s political career started in 1997 when he contested for the Igembe South Parliamentary seat under The Safina party but lost to Jackson Itirithia Kalweo, who won by the majority vote. Jackson Itirithia vied under the KANU party. Mithika pointed out that he lost due to late registration by his party. Mithika later joined The National Development Party of Kenya (NDP), which subsequently joined KANU.

He again vied for the Igembe parliamentary seat in the 2002 election under the KANU party ticket and managed to win by a majority vote. He beat his main contestant Raphael Muriungi who vied under the National Rainbow Coalition (NARC) party. The CS also for the second time retained his seat still under the KANU party.

Mithika Linturi managed to retain his seat as the Igembe Member of Parliament in the subsequent 2013 election, this time under The National Alliance (TNA), party. He also became a member of the departmental Committee on Energy, Communications, and Information. He was also a member of the Public Investments Committee and House Business Committee.

In 2017, he tried his luck and vied for the Meru senatorial seat under the Jubilee coalition and won by a majority vote. He vied for the heated Gubernatorial seat under the United Democratic Alliance Party
(UDA), in the 2022 election which had high-profile contestants aiming for the slot. He however lost to Kawira Mwangaza who ended up clinching the seat to become the first female governor of Meru County.

He was appointed Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture and Livestock development by President William Ruto.

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Franklin Mithika Linturi Wife and Family

Mithika Linturi fell in love with Marianne Kitany and got married. Their marriage would however not last as five years later Marianne Kitany claimed that her husband Linturi had threatened to kill her after a domestic dispute in their home in Runda.

Mithika Linturi has kept much of the whereabouts of his family away from the public.

Franklin Mithika Linturi Net Worth

In the vetting by the National Assembly’s Committee on Appointments, he stated that his net worth is Ksh1.2 billion, which he acquired through rental property, dairy farming, and his shares in SACCOs. As a Cabinet Secretary, he receives a monthly basic salary of Ksh.924,000 and a stock of allowances.

Franklin Mithika Linturi Scandals

The CSs life has not been short of drama, from rape allegations and domestic violence. He was accused of attempted rape and indecent act with an adult when it was alleged that he entered a couple’s room at the Maiyan Villas Resort Nanyuki when the husband had left and attempted to rape the man’s wife.

It is reported that he found the door open and squeezed himself into bed without uttering a single word. The woman in bed thought it was her husband and did not question when Mithika inappropriately touched her or even bother to switch the lights.

The woman later discovered that it was not her husband in bed when she heard a knock at the door and went to open it but found her husband outside. She was confused by the happenings and switched on the lights only to find Mithika Linturi as identified by their friends who were with them at the hotel.

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