Meller Lee Cheatham; Husband, Biography, Children, Age, Career, Net worth

Meller Lee Cheatham and her husband Prof. Wajackoyah enjoying a safari tour in Kenya

Meller Lee Cheatham is an African-American lady who resides in the USA. During the 2022 Kenyan presidential debate held at the Catholic University of East Africa (CUE), Meller accompanied Professor George Luchiri Wajackoyah. Wajackoyah is vying for the Kenya presidential seat using a Roots Party of Kenya ticket.

Kenyantopixs sought to know why Meller Lee accompanied the Roots Party of Kenya presidential candidate.

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Quick Facts about Meller Cheatham

Real Name: Meller Lee Cheatham

Martial Status: Married

Profession: Flight attendant

Children: yes (3)

Nationality: American

Meller Lee Cheatham Husband, Prof. George Wajackoyah

Cheatham got married on January 4, 2020, to the Roots Party of Kenya presidential candidate, Prof. George Luchiri Wajackoyah. However, the two have been living as husband and wife since the early 90s.

Details about how the couple met are not available but shall be updated when available. The two keep their relationship private. However, in an interview, Prof. Wajackoyah just hinted about his spouse and grandchild. He said that his wife, Meller Lee Cheatham is an American and may relocate to Kenya when she gets a Kenyan passport. Wajackoyah also said he was to take a political break to meet his grandchild.

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Mrs. Wajackoyah Age

The age of Mrs. Meller is between 54-64. The date of birth is June 19. However, the exact year of birth shall be updated.

Meller Lee Cheatham Children

Mrs. Meller is a mother of three children, two girls; Marjorie Luchiri and Marz Luchiri and a firstborn son Ty Luchiri. She is also a grandmother to ‘Ras’ Jayden.

Meller Lee children and their father
Meller L. Cheatham children and their father (right). Photo: Facebook

Mrs. Meller Lee Education

To be updated.

Meller L. Cheatham’s career

From her Facebook page, Mrs.Meller Lee is a flight attendant since 2014.

Meller Lee at her workplace. Photo: Facebook

Mrs. Wajackoyah Net worth

Although she is active on social media, she does not disclose her net worth. Kenyantopixs shall update this information when available.

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Mrs. Meller’s interest in Kenya

Based on her Facebook page, Mrs. Meller is a regular visitor to Kenya. She has visited Kenyan game reserves, giraffe park, and Masaai Mara national park.

Having been married to the 2022 general elections presidential candidate, Mrs. Meller Lee could be the first foreign Kenyan first lady. This is if, her husband prof. George Wajackoyah wins the election.

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