List of the best funeral homes around Nairobi.

Kenyatta University Funeral Home reception

Funeral homes offer an essential service in preserving the body of the deceased and associated send-off services. You may have lost a loved one within and around Nairobi. I believe that you want the best service to the body. Well, your intention will be addressed in this article.

Death is something that we all dread. However, upon demise, the final journey of the dead start at the funeral home/morgue. The kin of the dead starts by identifying the final home for their loved one.

Criteria for selecting a funeral home/morgue

  • Quality of service
  • Accessibility to the burial site. A morgue along the road leading to the burial place is preferable
  • Cost
  • Other services such as a chapel, coffins and transport
  • Body viewing

Why does a morgue matter

Funeral home offers services according to the request of the deceased family or according to the will of the dead.

When a body is admitted to the morgue it is preserved by removing blood so as to accommodate the preservative. The intestinal organs are also removed to reduce the rate of body decomposition. In some instances, a postmortem is done to ascertain the cause of death before preservation.

To maintain the natural state of the body and especially the face and the arm, some cosmetic techniques are done on the body. This helps the mourners to have a natural view during the body viewing.

However, some morgues allow for body viewing before the body collection/ burial date. This is sometimes referred to as body visitation.

Additionally, the funeral home helps the believed family in documenting the final journey of their loved one. The facility will issue documents such as a burial permit among others.

Although one may get services from different funeral service providers, below is a list of the best funeral homes around Nairobi.

List of the best 7 funeral homes around Nairobi County

Chiromo Funeral ParlorChiromo along Riverside Drive off Uhuru highwayP.O. Box 30197 00100
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 020 491 4320
Kenyatta University Funeral HomeThika Road near Kenyatta UniversityPhone Numbers:020 359 9054, 0704-950372, 0736-928380
Postal Address:P.O.BOX 00100- 43844 Nairobi
Nairobi City MortuaryNgong RoadTelephone: 020-2025980
Umash Funeral Service Opposite Armed Forces Memorial
P.O. Box 23567 – 00625
+254 722-790609
Website Address:
Montezuma Monalisa Funeral HomeOpposite Defense Forces Memorial Hospital, Off Mbagathi way.Telephone:
+254 722 827 652
+254 722 268 566
Email address:
Lee Funeral Service LimitedArgwings Kodhek Road
Next to Nairobi Hospital
Email address:
+254 722 401 861
+254 20 2723669
Omega Funeral Home and Services

Other morgues around Nairobi

  1. Zion Funeral Services
  2. Perozie funeral services
  3. Resting Place funeral home and services
  4. George Woods Funeral Services
  5. Lona Funeral Services
  6. Tonny Funeral Services
  7. Janam Funeral Services