Laventa Omanyala; Bio, Age, Career, Education, Husband, children

Laventa Omanyala, her husband and child

Laventa Biography

The passionate sprinter takes part in 100m races alongside high jumps. Laventa Amutavi Omanyala is an iron lady since what she made from her career, she could use to support her husband.

That is to say from the little she made she could pay their bill and give the husband an allowance for his training.

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Facts about Laventa Omanyala

  • Full name: Laventa Amutavi Omanyala
  • Popular name: Laventa Omanyala
  • Year of birth: 1996
  • Age: 26 years
  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Husband: Ferdinand Omanyala
  • Children: 1 son
  • Profession: Sprinter and Medic

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Age and early life of Laventa Omanyala

Mrs. Omanyala was born in 1996 with a health complication that was Rheumatic Heart Disease. The issue made her be in the hospital on a regular basis.

Her mother had been by her side the time when she needed her most which made Laventa refer to her as a loving, intellectual and awesome woman. This was after she went for a review at the hospital and found that all was well.

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Laventa`s Education Background

From what she has placed public concerning her education, details concerning her primary is not mentioned. Though she went to Kaimosi Girls High School after which she later joined Moi University as stated on her FB page.

Laventa Omanyala Career

Mrs. Omanyala began her career as a social worker at Mama Lucy Hospital in 2016. As she worked in this place, through her work and dedication in her job. The colleagues posted in the same Hospital but working at Doctors Without Borders identified her effort.

They gave her the recommendation to join their slot any time they were on leave. Through the notice from her colleagues, Laventa was able to serve more from the additional work.

Through what she got from Mama Lucy Hospital and from the support from the colleagues she
found there. She was able to settle the bills that they had since Omanyala was not stable by then.

Know that the Husband is doing well in his career. Laventa is focused on majoring in her athletic career. Through the support from her husband, Laventa is to be expected among the top sprinters in the near future.

Laventa also leads the Track Ferdy organization that produces merchandise for sprint sensations. This organization also supports young talents and they have faith to grow it internationally.

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Laventa meets Ferdy Omanyala and their child

It is the 6th year for the two couples to leaving together happily. Laventa and Omanyala met in 2016
at Nakuru when they came for a sporting event under different companies as representatives and participants.

Having seen each other for the first time, the two exchanged contacts. Omanyala was the first to request Laventa’s contact but Laventa took his instead. With an expectation to be contacted Omanyala gave his contact.

Laventa Amutavi Omanyala and her husband, Ferdinand Omanyala

She never called or texted until when they met in December when she responded through a text. The two moved in together when she was working at Mama Lucy Hospital as a medic.

They are blessed with a son by the name Quinton Finn who the two love so much.

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