Kithure Kindiki-Bio, Age, Net worth, wife, politics

Kithure Kindiki

Kithure Kindiki is a Kenyan politician and a lawyer. He was born and raised in Tharaka Nthi county. Kindiki is a senator of the same county. However, Kindiki came to the public limelight during William Ruto at ICC case representation.

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Early life of Kithure Kindiki

Kithure Kindiki was born in 1973 at Irunduni village in Mukothima ward in Tharaka Nthi county. His real name is Abraham Kithure Kindiki. Kindiki schooled at Lenana High School and Tharaka Boys Secondary School. His mother is a house wife and his father, Daniel Kindiki is a patriarch Rev.

His other brothers are Prof. Nyagah Kindiki, Prof. Isaiah Iguna Kindiki, Prof. Stephen Kithinji Kindiki and Prof. Jonah Nyaga Kindiki.

Kithure’s Education

Ph.D in International Law, University of Pretoria, South Africa-2002

Master of Laws (LLM) in International Human Rights Law and Democracy University of Pretoria, South Africa (2000)

Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Moi University, Kenya (1998)

Kindiki also holds a post-graduate diploma in legal studies from the Kenya School of Law. As such he was admitted to the bar in 2001.

Kithure Kindiki Public Service

Kithure Kindiki has served as a lecturer at the University of Nairobi and Moi university. Below is his service as a lecturer.

  • Date/Duration: January 2006- to 2012
  • Institution: University of Nairobi
  • Job title: Head, Department of Public Law & Senior Lecturer of International Law

  • Date/Duration: 2004- 2005 Lecturer of Law
  • Institution: University of Nairobi
  • Job title: Lecturer of Law

  • Date/Duration: 1999-2003
  • Institution: Moi University
  • Job title: Lecturer of Law

He has also worked as a Resettlement consultant for UNHCR, Pretoria. In this capacity he offered legal protection services to refugees seeking asylum in South Africa.

Currently, Kidiki is an advocate of the High court.

Political Career

Unlike other seasoned Kenyan politicians, Kithure Kindiki made his first political move on a bigger political seat, Senator, Tharaka Nthi County. He won the seat in 2013 and was re-elected in 2017.

In the Senate, he served as the majority senate leader (2013-2017) and Deputy speaker (2017- May 2020). However, he was de-whipped as a deputy speaker on May 20, 2020, by the Jubilee party.

In 2022, Kithure announced to be taking a political break.

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Kithure Kindiki association with William Ruto

The criminal case against humanity that William Ruto faced at ICC cemented their bonds. In this case, Kithure represented Ruto as his advocate. He won the case citing a lack of evidence.

It is also this case that brought Kindiki to the public limelight. At one point Kindiki, was proposed to be William Ruto’s presidential running mate in 2022 general election. Having not been nominated, Kindiki opted to have a political break.

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Kithure Kindiki’s wife and children

Prof. Abraham Kithure Kindiki married Dr. Joyce Gatiiria Njagi in early 2001. The couple has two children. Joyce is a lecturer.

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Kithure Kindiki net worth

Information about his net worth is not available.