Kayla Unbehaun Mother, Age, Dad, Education, Family, Abduction

Kayla Unbehaun
Kayla Unbehaun

Biography of Kayla Unbehaun

Kayla Unbehaun is an American young girl from illinois who went missing alongside her mother six years before she was found.

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Kayla Unbehaun Age

Unbehaun was born on July 5th 2017, in South Elgin in Illinois, she is 6 years old. She celebrates her birthday on 5th July of every year.

Kayla Unbehaun Family

Her parents are Ryan Iskerks (father) and Heather Unbehaun (mother). The two separated when she was born with her father having her custody and mother visitation rights.

Kayla Unbehaun missing

Kyla Unbehaun went missing six years ago while with her mother. The father, Ryan had gone to pick the girl from her mother but found the both of them gone. He was told that the mother took Kyla Camping on 4th of July but because he was unable to contact them he reported them missing.

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Kayla Unbehaun Netflix

Kayla’s case was released by Netflix reboot of the third final volume three of the Unresolved mysteries which at the end featured Abducted by a parent as a part of the role of the missing child. Her mother was the main suspect in her abduction, six years later Kayla was found in North Carolina.

Her mother was charged with felony for kidnapping on July 28th, the Investigators said that her mother took her to Athens before she got famous. She was taken to custody and was expected to be extradited to North Carolina Illinois. While Kayla was taken to custody by North Carolina Division of Social services before reuniting with her family.

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