Justina Syokau: Age, Bio, Education, Husband, Career, Net Worth

Justina Syokau


Justina Syokau is a Kenyan gospel musician with a number of songs. She became popular after she sang Twendi Twendi in year 2020. Syokau sang the song to usher in the new year (2020).

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Early life and age of Justina Syokau

Syokau was born in Machakos in a small town known as Mua Hills. Additionally, she was brought into the church, African Inland Church (AIC). She can remember up to date what she was taught as a Christian that she should put God first and keep praying.

After some time Justina migrated to Redeem Gospel Church. It was in church that she met the man of her dream.

Her mother passed on when her music career began doing well. This made those close to her start
claiming that she had sacrificed her mother for her success in music.

Despite the challenges, she never gave up on her music career.

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Husband and family life of Justina Syokau

Syokau met her husband at the church. They had a courtship for one year after which they decided to have a wedding in 2012. She was certain that nothing could separate them if not death, this was because the husband had grown up in the church.

However, their wedding never lasted for long. Justina gave birth through the cesarean process and could on perform her house chores. The couple saw it wise to bring househelp from their village to assist her. However, the husband started having an affair with the househelp in her presence. This took their marriage on another twist.

The husband turned into a total stranger by humiliating her to an extent of her being thrown away from her own home together with her little kid. She decided to go back to her parent.

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Justina Syokau Music Career

The singer started singing when she was a praise and worship member in the church. She was able to come up with her own songs and could sell her CDs to people in the matatus.

People could help her raise funds for her own album. Her mother came to check on her but died due to health complications. She was blamed and told that she had sacrificed her mother in order to do well in her music career.

Syokau decided to let all the pain go and became a motivational speaker who aimed on encouraging young people, giving advice to those who passed through abusive marriages.

Justina released a hit song in 2020 popularly known as Twendi Twendi. The song was enjoyed by many people and played in different places. She was uplifted to a point of her having a chance to perform in the Churchill Show.

The message in the song stated that 2020 would be of good success as compared to other years. Twendi Twendi talked about the blessing that lay on the year and took the lead on YouTube in with over 500,000 views got released in 2021.

That not being all her YouTube account has over 40,000 subscribers. Apart from those Syokau has a total of 17 songs with Nimerudi, Overcomer, and Pongezi Raisi Ruto being among her hit songs.

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Justina Syokau Songs

Twendi Twendi

Twendi Twendi Twoo

Najileta Kwako 

Tutatoka na Ushindi

Dramatic life Experiences

The musician’s husband chased her from her marriage just to continue with his affairs with the house
help they had brought from the village. The painful part is that she was sent away together with
her little child who had just been given birth to.

Justina Syokau Net Worth 2021-2022

In 2021, Justina had a net worth that ranged between 13.6k – 38.1k showing an increase. In 2022 there has been good progress since her net worth has grown to a range of between 22k -61.5k.