John Cena Bio, Movies and Tv Shows, Wife, Age, Kids, Net Worth

John Cena is an American professional wrestler, actor, and television host. He gained immense popularity during his time with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and became one of the most recognizable and successful wrestlers of all time.

John Cena age

Cena, born on April 23, 1977, he is 47 years old.

John Cena Family

Cena was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts, and developed a passion for weightlifting and bodybuilding from an early age. John Cena’s parents are John Cena Sr. (father) and Carol Cena (mother). His father, worked as a professional wrestling announcer for the East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA). Regarding siblings, John Cena has four brothers. Their names are Dan, Matt, Steve, and Sean Cena.

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John Cena Educational background

John Cena attended Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, Massachusetts. During his time there, he played football and was a team captain. After completing high school, he went on to attend Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts.

At Springfield College, Cena continued his football career and also pursued a degree in exercise physiology. He was a Division III All-American center on the college football team and wore the number 54 jersey. Cena’s passion for bodybuilding and weightlifting further developed during his college years, and he eventually decided to pursue a career in professional wrestling.

John Cena Wrestling career

John Cena’s wrestling journey began in the early 2000s when he started training at the Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW) school in California. Under the guidance of experienced trainers like Rick Bassman, Cena honed his skills and developed his in-ring persona.

In 2002, Cena caught the attention of WWE officials, and he signed a developmental contract with the company. He was assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), WWE’s former developmental territory, to further refine his abilities. During his time in OVW, Cena showcased his charisma and athleticism, gradually gaining recognition as a promising talent.

Cena made his WWE television debut in June 2002, appearing on an episode of SmackDown. Initially, he portrayed a rapper-inspired character, known for his freestyle raps and urban-style attire. This gimmick helped Cena stand out from the crowd and connect with the audience.

As Cena’s popularity grew, he began to transition into a more traditional heroic character, embracing the “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” mantra. He quickly ascended through the ranks and won his first WWE Championship at WrestleMania 21 in 2005, defeating John “Bradshaw” Layfield (JBL).

Throughout his career, Cena engaged in numerous high-profile rivalries and matches with some of WWE’s biggest stars. He had intense feuds with notable wrestlers like Randy Orton, Edge, The Rock, CM Punk, and Brock Lesnar, to name a few. Cena headlined multiple WrestleMania events and participated in many championship matches, elevating the status of WWE’s top titles.

Cena’s wrestling style was a combination of power moves, technical skills, and his never-give-up attitude. His finisher, initially called the “FU” (short for “Fireman’s Carry Powerslam”), later became known as the “Attitude Adjustment.” Cena’s matches were often filled with dramatic moments and displayed his resilience, earning him the respect of fans and peers alike.


Aside from his success in WWE, Cena also had a brief stint in other promotions. In 2018, he participated in New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s (NJPW) Wrestle Kingdom 12 event, making a surprise appearance in a match against Kenny Omega.

After establishing himself as one of WWE’s top stars, Cena began to explore opportunities outside of wrestling, including acting, hosting, and philanthropy. While he transitioned to a part-time role in WWE in recent years, his impact on the wrestling industry and his influence on future generations of wrestlers remains significant.

John Cena Movies and TV Shows

Cena has had a successful transition from professional wrestling to a career in acting. He has appeared in a variety of films and television shows, showcasing his versatility as an actor. Here are some notable highlights of John Cena’s acting career:


  • The Marine (2006): Cena made his acting debut as the lead in this action film, playing the role of John Triton, a Marine who must rescue his wife from kidnappers.
  • Trainwreck (2015): Cena had a supporting role in this comedy film directed by Judd Apatow, starring alongside Amy Schumer and Bill Hader.
  • Sisters (2015): Cena appeared in this comedy film, starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, portraying a drug dealer named Pazuzu.
  • Daddy’s Home 2 (2017): Cena had a small role in this comedy sequel, sharing the screen with Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, and Mel Gibson.
  • Bumblebee (2018): Cena played the role of Agent Jack Burns in this “Transformers” spin-off film, showcasing his action skills alongside the iconic Autobot.

Television shows

  • Saturday Night Live (host, 2016): Cena served as the host of an episode of the popular sketch comedy show, demonstrating his comedic abilities.
  • Total Divas (2013-2015): Cena appeared in several episodes of this reality television series, which follows the lives of WWE’s female wrestlers.
  • American Grit (host, 2016-2017): Cena hosted this reality competition series, where contestants endure military-inspired challenges.

John Cena Wife

Cena has been involved in several high-profile relationships. He was previously engaged to fellow professional wrestler Nikki Bella. The couple began dating in 2012 and got engaged in April 2017 during WrestleMania 33. Unfortunately, they announced their separation in April 2018 and officially called off their engagement.

John Cena Net worth

As of June 2023, John Cena’s net worth is estimated to be $80 million. He has earned his wealth through his successful career as a professional wrestler, actor, and rapper.