Jimi Wanjigi Bio, Age, Education, Career, Wife, Tribe, Net Worth

Jimmy Wanjigi

Jimi Wanjigi biography

Jimi Wanjigi is a Kenyan businessman, political strategists and entrepreneur. He is also the chairman of the National Alliance Party of Kenya (NAPK) and a former presidential candidate.

Quick facts about Jimi Wanjigi

  • Full name: Jimi Richard Wanjigi
  • Place of birth: Mathioya, Nyeri County
  • Birthday: November 17
  • Year of birth: 1963
  • Age: 61 years
  • Tribe: Kikuyu
  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Father: James Maina Wanjigi
  • Mother: Mary Wambui Wanjigi
  • Wife: Irene Nzisa Wanjigi
  • Children: Maina and Wambui
  • Religion: Catholics
  • Occupation/profession: Businessperson

Jimi Wanjigi age

Richard Wanjigi was born on February 14, 1963, in Kenya, he is 61 years old.

Jimi Wanjigi family

He comes from a prominent business family and is the son of James Maina Wanjigi, a successful entrepreneur and politician in Kenya. Growing up in a business-oriented environment, Wanjigi developed an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age.

Jimi Wanjigi education background

He started his education at Woodley Nursery School before joining St. Mary’s School. After high school he went to York University in Canada & Daystar University. 

What does Jimi Wanjigi do for a living?

Business Ventures and Investments

Wanjigi has been involved in various business ventures and investments across different industries. He has a diverse portfolio that includes real estate, hospitality, financial services, and telecommunications. Wanjigi has made significant investments in the Kenyan economy and has been involved in several high-profile projects.

Political Involvement and Influence

Apart from his business endeavors, Jimi has also been active in Kenyan politics. He has been associated with various political parties and has played advisory roles for political leaders in Kenya. Wanjigi has been involved in fundraising efforts for political campaigns and has been a key figure in political circles.

He has been involved in politics since the early 1990s. Jimi was a member of the Forum for the Restoration of Democracy (FORD)-Kenya party and served as a Member of Parliament for Kamukunji from 1992 to 1997. Wanjigi was also a presidential candidate in the 2007 and 2013 elections.

Public Persona and Controversies

Due to his business and political involvement, Wanjigi has attracted media attention and has been a subject of controversy and speculation. His wealth and influence have made him a prominent figure in Kenya’s business and political landscape.

Jimi Wanjigi wife

Wanjigi is married Irene Nzisa Wanjigi on 15th March 1997. The duo has two children. Among the children is Maina and Wambui. However, Jimi prefers to keep his personal life private, and limited information is available about his family and personal relationships.

Jimi Wanjigi Net worth

Wanjigi’s net worth is estimated at $500 million and is one of the richest people in Kenya.

Fun facts

  • Wanjigi is a fan of the English football club Arsenal.
  • He is also a fan of the American basketball team the Boston Celtics.
  • He is a philanthropist and has donated money to a variety of charities, including the Jimmy Wanjigi Foundation, which supports education and healthcare in Kenya.