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Jeff Koinange
Jeff Mwaura Koinange

Jeff Koinange Biography

Jeff Mwaura Koinange is a prominent Kenyan journalist and television personality. Koinange is best known for his work as a news anchor and talk show host. He has worked for various media organizations throughout his career, both in Kenya and internationally.

Jeff Koinange wikipedia

Real/full name: Jeff Mwaura Koinange

Place of birth: Nairobi, Kenya

Birthday: 7th January

Year of birth: 1966

Age: 57 years

Career/profession: Journalist, News Anchor

Current Wife: Shaila Koinange

First Wife: Sonia

Children: one son, Jamal Simiyu Koinange

Tribe: Kikuyu

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Nationality: Kenyan

University Education: New York University and University of Nairobi

Jeff Koinange Age

He was born on 7th January 1966, Nairobi, he is 57 years old. He celebrates his birthday on January 7 every year.

Jeff Koinange Educational background

Jeff attended St. Mary’s School in Nairobi for his primary education. He then went on to complete his high school education at St. Mary’s School, Nairobi.

Which university did Jeff Koinange go to?

After completing his high school studies, Koinange pursued a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from New York University in the United States. He furthered his education by earning a master’s degree in international studies from the University of Nairobi in Kenya.

Jeff Koinange Wife

Before marrying his current wife Shaila Koinange, Jeff was married to Sonia a Panamanian lady in 1988 and later separated in 1994 with reasons best known to him. After separating with Sonia, Jeff moved on and married Shaila, an Asian in the year 1998. The two love birds have one son, Jamal Simiyu Koinange who born in 2007.

Jeff Koinange’s Career

Koinange is a prominent Kenyan journalist and television news anchor. He has had a successful career spanning several decades, both in Kenya and internationally. Here is an overview of his career:

Early Career: Jeff began his career as a print journalist. He worked as a reporter for the Reuters news agency, covering major news events in Africa and other parts of the world. He later joined the Associated Press (AP), where he continued to gain experience and develop his journalism skills.

CNN Correspondent

In 2001, Jeff joined the Cable News Network (CNN) as a correspondent based in Nairobi, Kenya. He covered various significant news stories in Africa, including conflicts, political developments, and humanitarian crises. Koinange’s reporting from war-torn regions like Sierra Leone and Liberia earned him recognition and established his reputation as a seasoned journalist.

Host of Capital Talk

In 2007, Koinange returned to Kenya and joined Kenya Television Network (KTN) as the host of a popular current affairs talk show called “Capital Talk.” The show featured interviews with prominent personalities from various fields, including politics, business, and entertainment. Koinange’s engaging interviewing style and in-depth discussions made the show a success.

The Jeff Koinange Live Show

In 2013, Koinange moved to Citizen TV, a leading Kenyan television station, where he launched his own talk show called “The Jeff Koinange Live Show.” The program aimed to provide a platform for open and honest discussions on pressing issues affecting Kenyans. Koinange continued to interview notable figures, including politicians, activists, and celebrities.

Hot 96 FM and JKL Show

In addition to his television career, Jeff ventured into radio broadcasting. He joined Hot 96 FM, a popular Kenyan radio station, where he hosted a morning talk show called “Jeff Koinange Live.” The program covered a wide range of topics, engaging listeners in discussions about current events, politics, and social issues.

Jeff now hosts a show called “JKL Live” on Citizen TV, which continues to feature interviews with influential personalities from different spheres. Through his career, Koinange has received numerous awards and accolades for his contribution to journalism and broadcasting.

Overall, Jeff has established himself as one of Kenya’s most recognizable and respected journalists. His extensive experience, engaging style, and commitment to reporting on important issues have made him a household name in Kenya’s media landscape.

Jeff Koinange Salary

How much is Jeff Koinange paid? Well, the accomplished journalist has not made public of how much he earns in a month or year. However, he has several gigs that pays him well.

Jeff Koinange Net worth

 His estimated amount of net worth $1 Million.