Jeanne Becu Age, Husband, Education, Life History, Trial and death

Jeanne Becu

Biography of Jeanne Becu

Jeanne Becu was born on August 19th 1743 in Vaucouleurs in France.

Jeanne Becu family

Her parents are Anne Becu (mother) and Jean Jacques Gimard (father).

Jeanne Becu Husband

She was married to Comte Guillaume Du Barry a brother to Jean Du Barry who planned the marriage.

Jeanne Becu early life

Bécu was born on August 19th, 1743, in Vaucouleurs in France, her parents were Anne Becu her mother and Jean Jacques Gimard her father

Jeanne Becu Education

After she had finished her education, she worked in a fashion house in Paris a shop assistant and that’s when she met Jean du Barry who was a war contractor.

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Jeanne Becu wikipedia

Jeanne Bécu was a mistress to Jean Du Barry who later introduced her to the high society of Paris, her beauty caught the attention of a number of men. Later in 1768 her beauty caught the eyes of King Louis XV, a meeting was arranged for the two even though the king was very old already. Luckily she didn’t qualify to become a royal mistress as she was just a commoner that’s when Jean Du Barry got her married to his brother Guillaume du Barry and this was when she joined the Louis XV’s court. 

Her life turned around and she started living a life of luxury for she had begun receiving jewelry and even estates from the king. She was also given a slave named Zamor. The comfort got her into wearing expensive gowns which costed treasury a lot. Her lifestyle got her into having many enemies and even rivals. Some wanted her position like Duke of Choiseul’s sister named Duchesse de Gramont who was supported by Dolphine Marie Antoinette. The King ordered a diamond necklace which would cost about two million livres to be made for Jeanne but king Louis died before it could be accomplished. Then she was banished from the Versailles successor king Louis XVI who sent her to exile to s convent in Meaux.

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Jeanne Becu Trial and death

During the reign of Terror by the French Revolution, she was found guilty of helping the emigres to escape, the judgment of Paris Revolutionary tribunal was a death sentence. On December 8th 1793 she was executed by the guillotine. She pleaded and cried for mercy before she was executed by even revealing where she had hidden the gems. Jeanne was killed and buried in the Madeleine Cemetery. She died at the age of 50 years.