How do you import vintage car in Kenya?

vintage car
vintage car in Kenya

From our article you now understand the legal requirement of importing a car in Kenya. If you missed it out, click here. We are now not talking about the importation of modern cars. We are talking about how to import vintage cars in Kenya.

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What are vintage cars?

I am sure you have watched movies that were done in the 80s and 90s. There were cars in those movies. Exactly, those are the cars we are talking about.

Vintage cars are those classic and cool cars manufactured way back in the 80s or 90s. Well, some people still fancy owning them in Kenya today.

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Why would one be interested with vintage car?

Despite technological advancement in car manufacturing some people still want to own vintage car. There are various reasons why one would want to own a vintage car. Among the reasons why one would want to have a classic and cool car. Among them are:

1. Status

Vintage cars are not numerous in Kenya. Therefore, owning one comes with status. Kenya vintage motor show offer a platform to show case ones vintage car.

2. conservative mentality

Prior to mass demand and production car were made of iron. However, as car demand grew the old manufacturing could not keep up with the market.

This necessitated a shift to fiber glass in manufacturing car bodies. Although safety standards were advanced too, the conservative still hold that fiber glass is not safe.

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How do you import a vintage car in Kenya?

Well, the law does not allow importation of cars that are more than 8 years old from their first date of registration. As an information site that informs, entertains and educates we are researching on how to import you preferred vintage car.

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