Gladys Chania: Bio, Education, Career, Huband, Murder claims, Charity

2022 Kiambu County Women Rep Aspirant.


Gladys Chania is a former teacher turned politician. After two years of teaching, she followed her passion for community service. She is the third born in a family of six.

She unsuccessfully vied for Kiambu County women’s representative in the 2017 and 2022 general elections.

Additionally, the police have linked her to her husband, Engineer George Mwangi’s disappearance and death

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Gladys Chania Education Journey

She studied Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology at Phoenix University in Arizona. Later she joined Leichester University for her Master’s degree in Child and Adult psychology.

Chania Career history

After acquiring her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees she moved back to Kenya in 2012. She opened a counseling psychology clinic in Thika.

In 1996 she resigned as a teacher in Mwingi as a result of numerous hardships in her work area. This was after only two years of working.

She then moved to work for the Kenya Red Cross in Thika as a coordinator. Ms. Chania later left Kenya Red Cross after registering an orphanage.

Gladys Chania joined politics in the same year after a successful interview for the position of Kiambu TNA County Executive Coordinator.

In 2017 she vied for the position of Kiambu Women’s representative but lost to Peninnah Gathoni Muchomba. She also unsuccessfully clinched the seat in the 2022 general elections. She lost to Ann Muratha.

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Gladys Chania husband and family

Gladys Chania was married to the late George Mwangi for 24 years and has three children. Details about the children are not public.

Murder claims

Gladys was arrested on the 14th of October 2022, on suspicion of her husband’s death 58-year-old Eng. George Mwangi after her testimony couldn’t add up in relation to his murder.

The police believe that George might have been murdered. Additionally, he was alleged to have an intimate relationship with Lucy Muthoni, a secretary at a local school.

The engineer was in the country for a month. However, he was scheduled to fly out on October 18 to Rwanda where he works.

Gladys Chania arrested at her home in connection to her husband’s disappearance and murder

The deceased was reported missing by madam Chania on the 9th of October. The report of a missing person was filed at Kamwangi police station.

However, the body of her missing husband was found wrapped in polythene bags and covered over with a heap of cartons and was dumped in Kieni forest Kiambu County.

The police also arrested four more suspects in relation to the murder. Prior investigations revealed that the deceased was murdered in the house. The body had trauma injuries on his head and the was face disfigured by acid.

Kenyantopixs will keep you updated about the death of Eng. George Mwangi.

Ms. Chania Charity’s work

The politician has impacted the community in many ways. While working for the Kenya Red Cross in Thika she helped in training midwives. This reduced the child mortality rate previously recorded.

She also helped in rehabilitating people dealing with alcoholism in Kiambu which is a major issue within the county.

Gladys also claimed to work with the mentally ill and those affected by substance abuse in the USA giving her experience.

While doing her acts of charity she came across an orphanage by the name of Spirit of faith orphanage in Ruiru. At the orphanage, she found 120 children who had never been to school. In her capacity, she lobbied to have the orphanage registered as a school. She was successful.

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