George R. R. Martin Bio, Age, Family, Wife, Education, Career.

George R. R. Martin
George R. R. Martin

Biography of George R. R. Martin

George R. R. Martin is an American writer of short stories and a novelist who is best known for his series adopted by HBO named A Song of Ice and Fire an epic fantasy series which its famous seasons like The Game of Thrones.

George R. R. Martin age

Martin was born on September 20th, 1948, in Vayonne in New Jersey .

George R. R. Martin family

His parents are Raymong Collins Martin his father and Margaret Brady Martin his mother. He also has two sisters named Janet and Darleen.

George R. R. Martin Wife

Martin first got married to a Gale Burnick in 1975 but divorced in 1979. He the met and got married to Parris McBride in February 2011 in Santa Fe home in a small ceremony.


Martin attended his grade school in Bayonne dockshe then joined Mary Jane Donohoe School and the transferred to Marist High School and this is where he started playing chess and made the school to appear in newspapers for years.

He also started wring fan fiction stories for the comic fanzines and was able to win the best fan fiction for his story Powerman vs. The Blue Barrier a superhero story by the Alley Award. After high school he joined The Medill School of Journalism in Northwestern University in Illinois and graduated in 1970 with B. S degree in Journalism which was closely followed the next year by his Masters Degree in Journalism.

George R. R. Martin Career

At first Martin was to join the army during the 1972 Vietnam war but being that he was against the Americans getting involved in the war he decide to keep off the military and decided to join VISTA for alternative services.

In 1972 with him in the world of chess he won the Bobby Fischer’s World Chess Championship. This victory opened door for him to work as Continental Chess Association tournament director.  He could do his writing over the weekdays and the chess tournaments during the weekends. This went for a period of two to three years before chess died down.

He met George Guthridge who helped to get himself a job at Clarke College which was located in Dubuque in Lowa where he worked as a journalism and English instructor. In 1976 he worked as a teacher in one college.

George R. R. Martin books

His writing career began in 1970 with is first writing work called The Hero was able to be bought by galaxy and published a year later. In 1973 his story named With Morning Comes Mistfall was published in Analog magazine. The story won the Nebula Awards selection and Hugo Award selection.

In 1975 his story named A Song for Lya won him the the best Novella for the Hugo Award. In 1980 he again was able to win the Nebula and Hugo Award for his story named Sandkings. It didn’t go well for his horror stories but he got saved by Vista after buying the rights of his tv and screen in 1980 for his novella named Nightflyers who’s movie was made seven years later.

George R. R. Martin movies

He moved to Hollywood after he was offered a job to work with CBS in the revival of Twilight Zone and this was a new opportunity in his career as show writer. Later CBS hired him to work as a writer and a producer in another of their series named Beauty and the Beast a fantasy drama.

He later decided to write his own series a dream come true after he admire the work of J. R. R. Tolkien since his childhood. He came up with and wrote his own series named A Song of Ice and Fire a fantasy series which was to have three volumes and started with A Game of Thrones from 1992 and published five years later.

The second volume came in 1999 named A Clash of Kings and this was followed by the third one in 2000 which appeared in the New York. Times bestseller list. His volume named A Dance with Dragons was to be out five years later but didn’t make it due to treatment of a number of events which were unsatisfied and he then decided to introduce an interim volume named A Feast for Cows. In 2005 November he released his fourth book was released. Six years later he released his fifth book.

TV shows

In 2007 the television rights of the series were bought by HBO with its show being developed four years later and Game of Thrones started airing in 2011 April. The first episode won various nominations and won awards like the Best Dramatic Presentation by Hugo Award, 13 Emmy Awards. The series continued up to season seven with season eight planned to be aired in 2019 and also working on prequel spinoff worked on.