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George Elliot
George Elliot

Biography of George Elliot

George Elliot whose real name is Marry Ann Evans is a British Poet, Translator, Cretic and a Writer whose depiction dwelt in mostly rural and lower class in England. Among the novel she published is the Midlemarch which is her famous and widely read novel.

George Elliot early life

George was born in November 1819 in Nuneaton in England.

George Elliot parents

She was the daughter of a manager at Arbury Hall estate in Warwickshire named and Christiana. She had siblings but their identity and number is unknown but George was the third child of the family.

George Elliot Husband and children

George first met and married a drama critic Grorge Lewes who died in 1878. She then got into another affair with a commissioner agent named John Cross

George Elliot Education

The intelligent writer attended many boarding high schools by his father but did not go to the University and this was due to self-drive to informal and self-driven education where she could go to Arbury Hall to use the library where her father worked.

George Elliot Career

Evans began his career after the death of her father in 1849. She went to Switzerland for some time then moved to London where he settled. Under her named Marian Evans she started publishing of reviews in wide range. She worked with The Westminster Review as an Assistant Editor.

Having met George Lewes a year later, they could often travel to Berlin when she also started doing the translation of the German Work, who was a German thinker social and the theological writers including Baruch Spinoza.

She also worked as an editor of a journal of De facto. She managed to write a number of articles which were supporting the European Wave of Revolution which swept Europe in 1848 and also advocated for similar ones which were much planned and easy reforms in England. He was doing his publication from the content to the physical appearance to the business deals.

Why did George Eliot change her name

She then started her own publication in 1856 and this came after the publication of other women novelist like Lady Novelist of Silly Novels. Her first publication came in 1857 under the name George Eliot where she published with Blockwood Magazine the Sad Fortunes of Reverbed Amos Barton which is a short story. She used the male name insider to avoid being categorized together with other female novelists whom she thought their writings were not literary.

What is George Eliot famous for?

In 1859 she published her first novel named Adam Bede which was a success and with author taking undue credit and this pushed her to unveil herself as the author behind it. She also wrote and published in 1860 has e published Mill on the Floss. The following year she was out with Silas Marner them in 1871 she wrote and published the Midlemarch. Her novel were sold well and widely read and also earned her from Queen Victoria a glowing endorsement

As a theologist she also translated the letter named Baruch Spinoza’s but was only published after she had died. She then translated The Essence of Christianity named Ludwig Feuerbach’s

George Elliot Death

George Elliot died in 1880 after suffering throat cancer and kidney problem. She was buried at Hoghgate Cemetery.