Elizabeth Holmes Husband, Theranos, Education, Career, Trial, Net worth

Elizabeth Holmes
The founder of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes

Who is Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes is the founder of Theranus which is a health company which dealt with blood testing and health technology. She is also an American businesswoman.

Elizabeth Holmes Age

Holme was born on February 3rd, 1984, in Washington DC in the USA, she is 39 years old. She marks her birthday on every 3rd day of February.

Elizabeth Holmes family

Her parents are Christian Holme and Noel Holme.

Elizabeth Holmes Husband

Holme is married to Billy Evans and the couple had a son named William who was born in 2021.

Elizabeth Holmes Education

She attended St. John’s School in Houston and then joined Stanford University where the idea on her company began.

Elizabeth Holmes Career

After high school, Holmes attended Stanford University. After her freshman year, she was an intern at the Genome Institute of Singapore, where she practiced methods of testing for severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS. This experience led to Holmes developing the concept of a transdermal patch that would be able to track the level of drugs in the wearer’s bloodstream, adjust the drug dosage if needed based on their levels, and wirelessly transmit that information to the wearer’s doctor. She later filed a patent for this technology. This idea led to the idea of Theranos.

Her career began when she was still at Stanford University when she developed the concept of a transdermal patch. The gadget helps to track the level of drug in bloodstream adjust the dosage level of drugs if needed. Additionally, it wirelessly transmits the information to the wearer’s doctor. After all the concept and the ideas, she approached the school engineering dean to be her company advisor. The dean agreed. She started producing prototypes.

Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth dropped out and in 2003 she officially founded her company named Theranos. The name derived from the portmanteau of diagnosis and therapy. She came up with an idea of making her company different from other blood testing companies. It took over ten years before Theranos went public because it was still developing a number of blood tests and patterns.

Theranos went public in 2013 and became publicly active for the first time since it was established. It made it public its partnership with Walgreens. This helped widen Theranos Clinics for collections if blood in some Walgreens locations and rose very first. High profile investors started funding huge amounts of money.

Theranos Scandal

In October 2015, Theranos started facing scandals after a wall street Journal published an article about the Theranos employees concerns with company allegations on the testing methods claiming that the company does it’s testing using commercially available machines. It went ahead to allege that they came up with inaccurate results indicating the faulty of their machines.

This led to investigation in the company with its Newark lab was investigated in December 2015. Therefore, a letter was issued from the US Centre for media and Medicaid to Theranos which stated that the company was to provide evidence on their corrective measures concerning the allegations including the financial claims.

Elizabeth Holmes sentencing

In March 2018 Holmes as the owner was facing Fraud by SEC charges in court. She paid a fine totaling of $500,000 and returned shares of company stock the sum of $18.9 million. Additionally, she wasn’t allowed to play the role of a director. Therefore, the federal grand jury sentenced her to 20 years imprisonment and if convicted was to pay a fine of $250,000.

Elizabeth Holmes Net worth

Before Theranus was accused of in corrective revenue reporting Holmes net worth was estimated to be at around $4.5 million.

Elizabeth Holmes Height and Weight

She has a height of approximately 5 feet and 5 inches or 169 centimeters. Her weight is roughly 58 kilograms or 128 pounds.