Dr. Kingori: Age, Wife, Education, Real name, Family, Ancestral home, Net worth, Children

Dr. Kingori
Dr. Kingori during a Wicked Edition episode


Dr. Kingori is a famous Kenyan comedian who brings sense and humor to his fans. His real name is Felix Omondi. Dr. Kingori is also a Tv host of the popular Kenyan show, The Wicked Edition, a radio host presenter, writer, and producer.

Quick Facts about Kingori

  • Place of Birth: Embu
  • Ancestral home: Siaya, Nyanza region
  • Age: Born in 1992 (30 by 2022)
  • Occupation: Comedian, Radio Presenter
  • Father’s name: Unknown
  • Mother’s name: Unknown
  • Real name: Felix Omondi

The early life, age and Family of Dr. Kingori

Dr. King’ori was born in June 1992 in a family of 6 children. He grew up in the outskirts of Embu County, a place known as Blue Valley.

The comedian’s real name is Felix Omondi and revealed he adopted the name Dr. King’ori since laughter was the best medicine and the fact that his dad who is a great supporter of his, used to call him that.

Dr. King’ori is a proud single father of a 7-year-old girl. He disclosed that his wife is a Muslim but will raise their children in a Christian way.

Dr. Kingori education background

The comedian does not have any qualifications as a professional medical practitioner or a herbalist, though he has quite teased to be the Doctor of Laughter which many agree with.

Career Journey

The funny man used to play set books in Embu before he began his professional comedy career in 2010.
The broke comedian realized he could be paid for his talent and journeyed to Nation Media Group to present his ideas but hit a brick wall when he was told to present as a pilot.

Additionally, he reached out to Yu mobile for sponsorship but the manager never responded. However, his efforts were rewarded when he started writing jokes for GBS Tv where he participated in a competition alongside JB Masanduku.

This earned him a job at Kenya Kona where he got to meet Kazungu Matano (Captain Otoyo) who approached him to write for the offshore and had 69 successful episodes.

He also worked in Churchill show as a stand-up comedian where he met his mentor and friend Larry Madowo who encouraged him to pursue further with his dream.

After polishing his ideas, he was given a segment on The Trend show that gave rise to his comedy show The Wicked Edition.

The “laughter doctor” used to tell his friends back in the day that he would one day have his Tv show and
true to his word, he accomplished just that.

Dr. King’ori co-hosts the morning show on Nation Fm alongside Mary.

Dr. Kingori Net Worth

The hardworking comedian pockets a salary of 300k – 500k per month besides other side hustles, gigs, and events.

Fun Facts

  • His favorite food combination is ugali and maziwa mala. He partakes milk only on days ending with ‘y’.
  • The last time he cried was when a girl he thought was genuine took advantage of him and hurt his emotional feelings and that is why he is not quick to venture into any relationship yet.
  • He rarely smiles even though he is a comedian.
  • The laugh doctor acquired the name (Dr. King’ori) as a stage-up comedian that stuck with him throughout his professional career.
  • He works behind the scenes of the Trend where his show first appeared.
  • His favorite celeb is Larry Madowo, whom he draws inspiration from.

What is Dr. Kingori real name?

Well, the real name of Dr. Kingori is Felix Omondi.

Is Dr. Kingori a real doctor?

He is not a real doctor; he has neither studied medicine nor earned a Doctorate title.

Is Dr. Kingorii married?

Dr. King’ori is a proud single father of a 7-year-old girl.

Lynn Ngugi and Dr Kingori


Lynn Ngugi, a famous YouTuber casually pulled a comment that “mundu ni uyu” while interviewing Dr. Kingori. “Mundu ni uyu” is a Kikuyu dialect meaning this is the person. Could they be an item? Listen to the interview.