Common habits among Kenyans

Common habits in Kenya
Maasai in Kenya welcoming a foreign tourist in Kenya

It is widely accepted that there are common habits among Kenyans. Kenya is composed of more than 40 ethnic groups. Although Kenya is a multi-cultural country, the citizens have common habits.

It is interesting to live, work or visit Kenya. The diversity is real among the different communities in Kenya. However, there are habits that you can only experience among Kenyans. Below is a list of the common habits among Kenyans.

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Kenyans are very friendly and welcoming

It is a common habit to receive a warm and friendly welcome. This habit is endeared in the Kenyan culture. Visitors are seen as a form of blessing and as such, they are treated with respect. Tourists visiting Kenya can attest to this Kenyan habit.

Kenyans are outgoing and have warm greetings. They do not go directly to business before a short warm conversation. For instance, when Kenyans go shopping, they will have a brief talk before stating their business intent.

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Anytime is Snack and Tea time

The above habit blends well with this habit. It is a common habit in Kenya to visit a home and you are offered a cup of tea and a few bites of snacks. The host feels offended for failure to offer a visitor tea. When offered, respond to this kind of kind gesture by taking the tea or politely declining the offer. However, if it is from an old fork you will have to convince them why you are declining their tea.

Bargaining is a common habit in Kenya

The pricing of merchandise is not based on a fixed price. Before any purchase, there is a series of skillful bargaining. Traders may make a good profit margin by setting their first price high so that when the bargaining sets in, they can make a reasonable profit.

It is a surprise when a buyer buys without bargaining. It is interpreted that the buyer is either in a hurry or is informed of the market price.

However, in established businesses such as supermarkets, malls and where the price list is indicated Kenyans do not bargain.

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Kenyans defend their county online

Never comment negatively about Kenyans on the interest and especially on Twitter. Your comment will attract a Kenyan army on the internet such as Kenyans on Twitter (KOT). They will embarrass you. Avoid it. This is a common habit for Kenyans on the internet.

Hawking along the Road in Kenya

The high rate of unemployment in Kenya has led to hawking along the road. It is a common habit in Kenya to have a variety of goods and services traded along the road. This habit occurs in the evening, especially in the low and middle-income segments of towns and cities.

Generally, Kenyans are the most fascinating and hardworking people that you can ever encounter. Despite challenges in their country they always have a reason to laugh either offline or online. They present their challenges mostly in a humorous way. Kenyatopixs is here to inform you about Kenya, its people, culture and its tourism activities.

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