Barry Humphries-Age, Education, Career, Family, Net Worth

Barry Humphries

Biography of Barry Humphries

Barry Humphries is an Australian comedian, actor, and writer, best known for his alter-ego character, Dame Edna Everage. He was born on February 17, 1934, in Kew, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

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Barry Humphries Education Background

Humphries attended the Melbourne Grammar School, and later studied law at the University of Melbourne, but he did not complete his degree.

Barry Humphries Career

He is best known for his character “Dame Edna Everage,” a drag queen persona he created and has performed as since the 1950s. Humphries has also had a successful career as a writer and actor, both on stage and screen.

Humphries started his career in the 1950s as a comedian, performing in cabaret shows and on television in Australia. In the 1960s, he moved to London, where he began performing as “Dame Edna Everage.” He quickly gained popularity in the UK, and went on to tour extensively with the character around the world.

In addition to “Dame Edna,” Humphries has created many other characters over the course of his career, including “Sir Les Patterson,” a crude Australian diplomat, and “Sandy Stone,” an elderly Australian man. He has also written several books, including several autobiographies.

Humphries has appeared in numerous films, including “The Dame Edna Experience” and “Spiceworld: The Movie.” He has also appeared on stage in a variety of productions, including “Oliver!” and “Waiting for Godot.”

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Barry Humphries Family

His father was a construction manager, and his mother was an accomplished pianist. Humphries was the youngest of four children.

Barry Humphries wife

Humphries has been married four times and has four children. He was first married to Brenda Wright in 1959 and they had two daughters together, Tessa and Emily. He then married Rosalind Tong in 1979, but they divorced in 1989. He later married Lizzie Spender in 1990, and they had a son, Oscar, before divorcing in 2010. Humphries then married Robyn Nevin in 2011, but they separated in 2013.

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Barry Humphries Net Worth

Humphries’ net worth was estimated to be around $12 million USD.