Autism, Symptoms, Types of Autism, Causes of Autism, Genetics of autism, Famous people with Autism

Autism signs infographic for parent.

Autism is a term used to describe neurodevelopmental conditions which are mainly characterised by differences in social interaction and communication or pattern of behaviors.

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Symptoms of Autism

Early symptoms

Problems with social interaction and communication

  • When maintaining eye contact is a problem which is evident from birth
  • No facial expression to reflect to their emotions
  • When a baby can respond to his or her name and is evident at 9 months
  • When a baby can’t get to share their interest with others
  • When a baby can’t involve in basic activities
  • When a baby can’t engage in pretend games at the age of 3
  • When a baby can’t notice other people facial expression
  • Having difficulty in talking 

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Body movement and behavioral symptoms include

  • Repetitive movement like spinning, rocking and linking objects among others
  • Forcusing on parts of objects
  • Having obsessive interest
  • Change in sleeping pattern
  • Movement delay
  • Emotional reactions that keeps changing unexpectedly
  • Change in their eating habit
  • Sometimes they have abilities that are exceptional

Types of Autism

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Pervasive development disorder
  • Asperger’s syndrome
  • Childhood disintegrative disorder

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Autism awareness month

World Autism Awareness Day was started in 2007 by United Nations, the aim was to bring light on autism worldwide growing health crisis. It is celebrated every year on April 2nd. They celebrate the skills and talents of people with autism by speaking about autism to eliminate the stigma related to autism, by attending the events and showing them support and hosting the event on their day.

Genetics of autism

80% of autism is occur genetically by Gene mutation in the DNA of gene can cause autism where some mutations can lead to effect of single DNA base pair and also Copy Number Variation can cause autism.

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Causes of autism

  • Use of some medication during pregnancy
  • A baby born with low birth weight
  • Viral infections while pregnant
  • Parents who conceive at old age
  • If one has an elder child with autism there is a possibility that they can have another child with autism
  • If a mother has obeaity or diabetes

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Famous people with autism

  1. Temple Grandin a professor of Animal Science at Colorado
  2. Susan Boyle a singer at Britain Got talent singing
  3. Heather Kuzmicp an Top American model contestant
  4. Daryl Hannah an award winning actor
  5. Dan Aykroyd a comedic actor
  6. Albert Einstein