Potato Farming
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Modern Methods of Potato Farming

Potatoes are a staple crop that is grown all over the world. They are a valuable source of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, making them an important crop for food security. In recent years, modern methods [Read more]

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Pyrethrum farming in Kenya

Pyrethrum farming in Kenya has been a major source of income for many small-scale farmers for decades. Pyrethrum is a flowering plant that is used to produce a natural insecticide that is highly effective and [Read more]

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7 Modern pyrethrum farming techniques

Modern pyrethrum farming techniques are developed to improve agriculture. These techniques aim to increase yield, quality, and profitability while promoting sustainability and resilience in the industry. 7 Modern pyrethrum farming techniques 1.Hybrid Seed Varieties Hybrid [Read more]

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How to start pyrethrum farming

Pyrethrum, also known as chrysanthemum cineraria folium, is a flowering plant that is native to southwestern Asia and Europe. The plant produces flowers that contain a natural insecticide known as pyrethrin, which has been used [Read more]

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