Arap Marindich: Safari Rally meme, Bio, Age, Tula, Wife

Arap Marindich and Tula acting as rally driver and navigator in "Naivasha Safari Rally race" meme.

Biography of Marindich

Arap Marindich is a Kenyan online comedian whose “Naivasha safari rally meme” went viral internationally. Marindich is a resident of Ongata Rongai, a Nairobi outcast but was born and brought up in Bomet County.

Professionally he is a driver. His safari rally meme was shared across the world. However, very little is known about this comedy. Kenyantopixs uncovered the life of Arap Marindich.

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Quick facts about Naivaisha Safari Rally Meme Comedian

  • Year of birth: 
  • Place of birth: Bomet County
  • Gender: Male
  • Career: Professional Driver
  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Children: Yes
  • Acting Companion: Tula Chemoget
  • Acting name: Arap Marindich
  • Real name: Kennedy Kipkorir Lagat

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The early life, real name, age and education of Arap Marindich

Marindich was born in Tigor, Bomet County in 1989. The comedian comes from a family of nine.

He started his education at Kirundut Primary School. Later, he joined Kaplong Boys High School. Marindich was not fortunate to complete his secondary education due to lack of school fees. His father contemplated selling his only cow so as to pay Marindich form 3 school fees.

However, Marindich declined his father’s idea citing that the KSh 18, 000 would not be enough for him to complete his education up to the university level. He instead opted to take up driver’s training at Sotik Itembe driving school.

Arap Marindich is an acting name that was given to him by Tula. His real name is Kennedy Kipkorir Lang’at.

Arap Marindich career

After completing his driving school, Marindich started touting at Kaplong before being allowed to drive a matatu. He also got a job as a personal driver. In 2006, Marindich relocated to Nairobi where he got a job driving children to school and back home.

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How Arap Marindich met his acting companion, Tula Chemoget

It is from his job that Marindich met Tula. Their friendship fused well as they came from the same rural locality. A notable incidence is when Marindich was hired to transport people for long distances. It happened that Tula was among the passengers.

Tula and the other passengers enjoyed Marindich jokes throughout the journey. Additionally, Tula commended Marindich for his jokes and pointed out that he can act in comedy.

Tula and Marindich started comedy acting in 2016. However, in 2022 their work went viral.

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Naivasha Safari Rally Meme

Marindich safari rally meme was not shot at Rongai. However, the meme was done in the Kalenjin language. Although the meme became widely shared, Marindich regrets doing it in his local direct.

In the “safari rally race,” he emerged position 21. The dust that covered him was from “other rally drivers.”

Arap Marindich’s wife and children

Besides being a driver and a comedian, Marindich is a family man with a wife (Judy) and one boy, Kiptoo. He does not disclose details about his family. We shall therefore update this information when available.

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Arap Marindich Net worth

Marindich has kept information about his net worth private.