Alice Wahome’s Husband: Dr. Godfrey Wahome Ngayu- Age, Bio, Education, Career, Children

Dr. Godfrey Wahome Ngayu

Dr. Godfrey Wahome Ngayu is a doctor by profession specialist in Gynecology. He is among the top-ranked in Kenya in this profession. His profession handles women’s issues such as menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, obstetrics, sexually transmitted infections, hormone disorders and many more.

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Quick facts about Godfrey Ngayu

Full name: Godfrey Wahome Ngayu
Nationality: Kenyan
Education: University of Nairobi
Children: 4
Career: Obstetrician-Gynecologist
Wife: Alice Wahome Ngayu

Dr. Wahome Ngayu and his wife Alice Wahome

Godfrey Wahome Ngayu Education Background

The gynecologist specialist joined Chewoyet High School having completed his primary education and attaining good marks. Dr. Godfrey then was admitted to the University of Nairobi where he was nurtured into a certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist being a student who understood concepts faster.

Godfrey Nyayu managed to win a lady’s heart from the University where he to schooled at. The wife to Godfrey is the famous politician Alice Wahome who is currently serving as a Cabinet secretary in charge of water. Together the two are blessed to have four children made up of three ladies and a single gentleman.

Dr. Godfrey Ngayu Career

After having his education, Ngayu specialized in Gynecology since the country had fewer gynecologists. He is ranked among the best that there is in the country currently. Being his passion, he treats his clients well. The clients best know him as Dr. Ngayu in Nairobi. Dr. Godfrey has Womans family health clinic located at the ICEA building situated in the city center. In his clinic, he handles cases such as obstetrics, pregnancy, fertility, hormone disorders, and sexually transmitted infections among others.

To the people who keep on wondering whether there is a gynecologist within the country. Dr. Godfrey is among the best specialist.

The daughters of Dr. Godfrey Ngayu

Wangeci Wahome, Nyawira Wahome and Wambui Wahome are the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Ngayu.

Among the daughter one is a media personality the firstborn, the second born is a doctor as the father and the third born is a lawyer. The last born in the family is a student undertaking law at the university.

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